No Man’s Sky Companions Customization Guide – What Each Accessory Does

Give everything lasers! Except sharks.

One of the many things you can do with your new No Man’s Sky companions is outfit them with accessories. These customizations aren’t purely aesthetic too! Depending on the size and shape of your pet, there are a variety of tools and accessories you can equip them with. In this guide, we list all of the customization options available for No Man’s Sky companions and list all of the functions they have.

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No Man’s Sky Customization Accessories

There are a total of 19 accessories you can outfit your companion with. Every companion comes with at least two slots on its left and right side with larger pets also having a reduced selection for their chests. We know that not every one of these is functional which makes testing things a little hard. For example, we’re pretty sure the extra storage stuff is just for aesthetics as it doesn’t add inventory to any of your spaces. But does armor give your friend extra health? Can the bio canisters and phials help the companion gather materials? We’ll find out eventually!

  1. Cargo Drum Unknown. Likely just a decoration.
  2. Mini-Packs Unknown. Likely just a decoration.
  3. Armor Unknown.
  4. Solar Battery Unknown. Likely just a decoration.
  5. Canteen Unknown.
  6. Square Plating Unknown.
  7. Atmosphere Sampler Unknown. May detect incoming storms?
  8. Cargo Pack Unknown. Likely just a decoration.
  9. SatelliteUnknown.
  10. Vitals Monitor Displays the current health of your companion. Useful if it fights for you.
  11. Phial Unknown.
  12. Bio Canister Unknown.
  13. Square Laser – Allows the pet to mine nearby resources occasionally.
  14. Torch – A constant source of light!
  15. Tapered Plating – Unknown.
  16. Support System – Unknown.
  17. Movement Tracker (Locked) – Unknown. Likely automatically highlights nearby animals.
  18. Energy Coil (Locked) – Unknown.
  19. Rounded Laser (Locked) – Unknown. Likely similar to the Square Laser, just looks different.

The options we’ve labeled as locked are not yet available. They’ll be accessible once the community completes the latest galactic mission by doing Nexus quests for Polo and Nada.

We’re watching all of the community’s favorite gathering places to see if anyone figures things out, but if you’ve discovered that one of these accessories is functional, please do let us know!

If you’re interested in breeding and egg sequencing, we also have a guide for that! It goes over everything from obtaining eggs, to how the egg sequencer works, and touches upon how overdosing is possible. Plus, we provide some easy to obtain materials to alter your companion’s size and personality.

For more information on the new No Man’s Sky Companions Update, check out the full patch notes from Hello Games. It doesn’t detail everything, but it provides a good overview of all the new features and quality of life changes. Plus, it has pictures of lots of cute friends and lets be honest, we could all use another chance to look at small creatures with really big heads.