No Man’s Sky: Beyond Bugs & Glitches Guide – Known Issues and How to Solve Them

No Man’s Sky: Beyond represents another significant step for the Hello Games title. Unfortunately you may not be surprised to know that there are a ton of game breaking bugs at the moment. Some of them can entirely be avoided if you know of them in advance which is why we’ve written up this No Man’s Sky: Beyond bugs and glitches guide. Here are all of the most frequently reported bugs at the moment.

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No Man's Sky Beyond

Anomaly Nexus Portal Bug

When taking the Nexus Portal, you may encounter a bug where all of your bases and freighters no longer belong to you. Obviously this is a huge deal, particularly if you didn’t just start a new save with the launch of Beyond.

It’s worth noting that this doesn’t prohibit you from making new bases or buying new freighters, it simply makes your existing properties go away or become inaccessible. Approach your base computer and it will log you in as a guest and not as the owner. While it may display as someone else’s, they’ll still see it as being owned by you.

Solution: Solve frequently! If you notice this happens, reload a your newest save. Make sure to purchase the blueprint for the manual save station at any of your bases and install it. Keep a manual save updated any time you need to use the Nexus Portal. The easiest thing to do is to avoid the portal entirely until the bug is fixed.

If this bug has happened to you there’s currently no solution. We managed to travel in and out of our system enough that the base itself disappeared. At that point we were able to establish an all new base on the same location. While the original base is no longer modifiable, at the very least we’ve maintained the same point.

We have not had the same luck with lost freighters.

Our hope is that Hello Games will find a way to restore all of that content. In the meantime, all you can do is move on and hope they fix it.

How to Rebind Controls

While the in-game menu lets you modify your controls for both VR and keyboard and mouse, those changes can’t actually be saved at the moment. Hang tight for now. They’ll surely be a patch on the way soon.

Lost All Money Trading Ships

If you go to trade a ship anywhere in the game, sometimes users find themselves successfully completing the trade but losing all of their units afterward.

Solution: For now, make sure you don’t have any more units than you need to purchase something or completely avoid purchasing ships right now. Instead, try to find them on planets and get them for free.

Can’t Change Refiner Output

Normally you can choose how many units of something you want refined. Right now you can click on the left arrow but the game will force it back up to the maximum.

Solution: Pay close attention to the refining process. When it gets close hit stop and start as fast as possible to get one unit increments.

Empty Conversations

Sometimes while talking to NPCs their responses never show up. Instead you’re simply left starting at one another. This particularly happens a lot when turning in missions.

Solution: Try to get out of the conversation. Hit Escape, Tab, and use both mouse buttons to try and get the game to go back to another screen. This usually works after a dozen seconds or so.

Ship Stuck in Anomaly

While the Anomaly supports a number of players, it’s possible for the game to let too many ships in. When this happens there are no parking slots left available. If that’s the case your ship will get stuck trying to land. Even if the spot opens up it’ll end up rotating infinitely.

Solution: Log out of the game. When this happens there is no salvaging your current status. Just log out and revert to the previous save.

VR Players Killing in Anomaly

This one kind of sucks. Since VR players have control over their arms, it’s possible for them to form a fist and punch you while in the Anomaly. A few punches will outright kill you and you’ll be forced to reclaim your stuff. We haven’t experienced this firsthand, but we can imagine that’s a pain.

If you’re on Permadeath, be sure to turn off Player Damage.

Solution: This has been patched on PC, but not on consoles yet. One option is to turn off Player Damage in your Network Settings.

Falling Through Space Stations

Sometimes No Man’s Sky gets really buggy when you’re in Space Stations, particularly in multiplayer. It’s entirely possible to randomly fall through the floor. There are two kinds of these experiences: you either fall through the floor and simply can’t get back up. In that case, relog. The other involves falling through the floor and through the invisible floor to your death in space. You’ll respawn and need to pick up your dropped items before pirates grab them.

Solution: Just be careful, honestly. During one game session we found that talking to a specific NPC in a particular space station resulted in us falling through the floor every time. We just had to write that vendor off for now.

Randomly Losing Units & Quicksilver

This one is probably the strangest as there’s no real rhyme or reason as to why folks are losing their units. It just randomly happens. You usually won’t notice until some time after it occurs which makes it harder to solve.

Can’t Summon Crashed Ship

While No Man’s Sky usually takes it easy on you and allows you to summon a crashed ship even if it hasn’t fully been repaired, right now that isn’t the case. If you find a crashed ship and claim it, you’ll need to repair it on the spot or remember where it is. If you leave it and can’t find it, even though you own it, the game will not let you call it to you. It also won’t show up in your freighter.

Solution: Just wait for a patch or avoid needing to leave your ship!

Hopefully some of these are helpful! We’ve been playing all weekend and encountering all kinds of issues. Thankfully Hello Games has been releasing multiple patches per day on PC and continues to work on solutions. We’ll let you know when these bugs have been solved!


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