Nightwave Series 2: The Emissary Warframe Guide – Start & End Time

Warframe has another round of Nightwave, and we're ready with our guide!

It’s time again for another series of Nightwave. Warframe has its very own battle pass in the form of this ongoing radio transmission. The upside is that, unlike other such weekly challenge passes, Nightwave is entirely free. That hasn’t changed in Nightwave Series 2, either. The new story being told over the course of several weeks is called The Emissary, and it’s quite a lot like the previous Wolf of Saturn Six. You still complete rewards to earn challenges. And the rewards on offer this time are pretty nice! So let’s take a look at everything you need to know in our Nightwave Series 2 guide to Warframe.

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Rewards – Nightwave Series 2: The Emissary

The latest trailer for Nightwave in Warframe laid out the biggest rewards this season. We’ll be able to get the appropriately grotesque Maligna skin for the Nikana and Nikana Prime. Players can also receive the Protosomid Shoulder Guard, items from the Emissary Operator Collection, and a Chitoid Sentinel Bundle. There are also time-limited sigils and noggles up for grabs.

Nearly all of these cosmetics have a decidedly Infested bent to them. That makes sense, since Nightwave Series 2 seems to focus on that awful faction this time around. But don’t be surprised if the new Nightwave season also drops a number of crafting materials and the like. Series 1 did just that, and some players will surely seek those practical — if slightly more boring — rewards above all else. But really, who doesn’t want what looks like a jellyfish growing out of their shoulder?

Emissary Operator Warframe

Challenges – Nightwave Series 2: The Emissary

Previous Nightwave challenges operated on a daily and weekly basis. Challenges could range wildly. You might need to hack 10 terminals, kill 50 enemies with Radiation damage, or complete three Spy missions. The harder the challenge, the more Nightwave reputation you acquired. The more you acquired, the higher levels you achieved — with better and rarer rewards attached to each. I Nightwave Series 2 works almost exactly the same.

There are a number of changes this time around, though. You can now play “acts” from old weeks of Nightwave to catch up on stuff that you missed. The battle pass is overall less grind-y, as well, with fewer elite challenges to complete — except you still get the same total experience. You can see a full overview of what’s different in Warframe Nightwave Series 2 right here.

It’s less clear if random encounters will return to Warframe this season. Previously, three escaped prisoners had a chance to spawn into any mission during the Nightwave story. Players needed to incapacitate and capture these convicts for a tiny stipend of reputation. It’s unlikely these specific NPCs will return to Warframe in Nightwave Series 2. This story is all about the Infested, after all, and not a bunch of Grineer prisoners. But perhaps the new arc will introduce new foes to battle.

Protomosid Shoulder Guard

When Does Nightwave Series 2 Start?

Right now! Nightwave Series 2: The Emissary was announced for Warframe at TennoCon 2019. The developers at Digital Extremes didn’t elaborate more than that. Don’t worry, though! You should be able to play it if you’re reading this right now.

When Does Nightwave Series 2 End?

We don’t know exactly just yet! Nightwave Series 2: The Emissary was announced for Warframe at TennoCon 2019. But even Digital Extremes doesn’t know the exact end date for this run of Nightwave. Here’s what the developer has to say about the situation:

Nightwave Series 2 will last about 10 weeks — we don’t have an exact end date, so this may shift. Each new Series starts fresh for all players, which means your Emissary Creds and Nightwave Standing will expire at the end of the series. Spend them before they disappear!

And that’s all, folks! Thanks for taking the time to read our Warframe Nightwave Series 2 guide. We hope it will help set you on your path to all the exclusive rewards and other goodies you can acquire in this latest battle pass.