New World Weapon Combos Guide – Best Starter Weapon Combos

It takes two to tango.

New World forgoes the standard class system seen in most MMOs and instead opts for a two-weapon system, allowing you to constantly move between one weapon and another. Each weapon has its own abilities, which you can use to increase your attack speed, damage output, defense, and more. When you first start out, though, finding a great weapon combo that’s good for leveling up can be tricky, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience with the weapons. In this guide, we’ll go over a few great weapon combinations to help with leveling early on.

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Starter Weapon Combos

When it comes to choosing a leveling weapon combo, there really isn’t a right or wrong way to go. There are some builds that will ultimately prove to be more optimal in the long run, but when you’re first starting out, it’s all about finding something that is fun and enjoyable to level with. With that in mind, the following combinations offer fun and fast combat abilities, while also giving you access to useful abilities you can rely on.

Sword and Shield + Hatchet

The Sword and Shield is a great starter weapon because you’ll already be earning points towards its mastery once you complete the tutorial at the start of the game. It’s also the best weapon for blocking, as the various abilities you unlock for the shield can reduce the damage you take a good bit when stacked together.

We recommend checking out Sturdy Shield and Sturdy Grip early on, as they not only reduce the stamina that blocking costs, but it also adds some extra armor to your physical armor stat. On the offensive side of things, Leaping Strike can be a great way to start battles, where early skills like Freeing Justice can help knock debuffs off during combat.

For the Hatchet, we recommend grabbing skills in the Berserker tree, as these will help increase the damage that you’re doing to enemies. Some notable skills to check here are Berserk, which increases damage by 20 percent for 20 seconds. You can then upgrade your damage even more by adding on passive skills like Against All Odds, which grants a ten percent increase to base damage per enemy within five meters of the player.

Hatchet + Life Staff

Pairing the Life Staff with any other weapon can be a bit tricky, as there aren’t any overlapping attributes to put points into here. However, you can make the Life Staff work as a secondary weapon if you put most of your points into Strength and pair it with the Hatchet. This not only allows you to make use of the damage-oriented attacks seen in the Hatcher’s Berserker tree, but it also lets you rely on skills the Life Staff has to offer, too.

For the Hatchet, we recommend going with skills like Berserk and Feral Rush. You can then pair these early on with skills like Accumulated Power and Dispatch, which will give you Empower and add more damage to your attacks.

For the most part, the Life Staff is just there to provide additional healing when you need it. However, you can pick up skills like Orb of Protection, which provides the targeted player with ten percent Fortify for 20 seconds, as well as healing for ten percent of the caster’s weapon damage. This is good for buffing up during fights if you start getting weak, or just for casting it on other players in your group. Other skills like Sacred Ground create a ground-based area of effect spell that heals for 20 percent of weapon damage for 15 seconds.

Finding Your Best Weapon Combo

While the combinations above are a good place to start, you can ultimately change those weapons out with any of the others available in New World. The Hatchet is always a good secondary, as it can be scaled up with both Strength and Dexterity and provides a lot of nice bonuses in its skills.

If you aren’t looking for optimal weapon combinations for PVP or PVE, then finding something you like and just having fun with it can be a great way to ensure leveling doesn’t grow stale. You can always try out new weapon combinations, too, as you can respec your attributes at any time. It’ll cost you, but you can do so for free until you reach level 20. Don’t be afraid to branch out and try new combinations.