New World Tips Guide – 7 Things the Game Doesn’t Tell You

This is my land now.

Despite undergoing notable changes since its original inception in 2016, Amazon’s New World still has many intricate systems for players to learn. While the tutorial does a good job of getting players set on the right path, there’s a lot that isn’t clearly explained in the game’s opening hours. You can get a head start on its steep learning curve by checking out some of our most helpful tips below!

New World Tips & Tricks

1. You Can Change Your Starter Zone

When you first load up New World and create a new character, you’ll be thrust into the story and thrown into one of several different starting areas. The first few hours of the game’s main questline are tied to this area, which means you will probably want to have the same starter area as your friends if you plan on playing with them.

Unfortunately, you don’t get a chance to decide where to start — and, most of the time, you’re probably going to end up somewhere different than your friends. You don’t have to blindly restart and hope for the best to change your starter zone, though. Instead, you can actually stop just after completing the first part of the quest — right after finishing the tutorial opening.  Then, run to any of the other marked starting areas to complete the quest.

Just make sure you don’t accept the second part of that first quest. If you accidentally start the second part of the quest, you’ll need to restart and do it all over again to change your starter zone.

2. Most of What You See Can Be Gathered

Crafting and gathering are a big part of your daily routine in New World. This is made very evident early on, especially if you take on the different quests and missions found in each town. While animals and enemies often leave many resources for gathering, these aren’t the only things you’ll spend time looking for in New World.

Pretty much everything you see around you can be gathered in some way or another — whether it’s rocks, veins of iron, gold, silver, or just the various plants and flowers you see. After which it can be used in some form of recipe. The usage can vary from crafting armor, weapons, potions, and more.

Try to keep track of where things are on the map when you find them. Chances are you’re going to end up needing that item at some point in the future.

New World Beginner Tips

3. Items in Storage Sheds Can Be Used at Crafting Stations

Juggling inventory space is a vital part of just about every MMO out there, and New World is no different. With so many items to craft and gather around the world, keeping your inventory clean and empty for runs outside of town is important. Luckily, Storage Sheds placed around each town are perfect for throwing in items that you don’t need to carry around.

Even better, though, is the fact that any items stored in those Storage Sheds can be accessed for crafting at any of the workshops and crafting stations situated around the town. This means you can shove all that heavy iron you’ve been gathering into the first Storage Shed that you see, and still refine it all at the Forge the next time you visit without taking up your precious inventory space.

4. Equipment Weight Matters

Just like inventory weight, Equipment Weight plays an important role in how you move around the world. While there aren’t any specific class requirements for armor types — you can mix and match heavy, light, or medium armor as you see fit — you have to pay attention to how heavy the armor you’re using is and how it weighs you down.

Wearing armor that is too heavy can slow you down, making dodging almost impossible due to the stamina cost it has on your movement. Because of this, you’ll want to pay careful attention to the meter next to your armor slots. If you want to play a character that can dodge around easily and stay out of trouble, then going with light or medium armor in most slots is key to keeping your stamina cost low.

If you plan on blocking attacks instead of dodging, then using heavy or medium armor can be a good way to increase your defense and make those hits hurt less. Keep an eye on your Equipment Weight and change it up depending on what you need for the fights you plan on taking part in.

New World Beginner Tips

5. Choose Weapons That Rely on the Same Attributes

Unlike a lot of MMOs, New World doesn’t lock you into using a single weapon type. Instead, players can choose between a list of different weapons and level them up however they see fit. But you’ll want to take into account the time it takes to level weapons, and how your base attributes line up with those specific weapons.

For example, some weapons will utilize attributes like Strength, which will give you bonuses towards the use of heavy weapons like battle axes and hammers. On the other hand, putting more attribute points into Dexterity can improve your skill with weapons like hatchets and rapiers. You can see which weapons an attribute affects — and how greatly it affects it — in the Attributes menu.

After reaching a certain level, you’ll unlock the ability to equip two weapons that you can easily swap between during combat. This can be great for hitting combos, so you should try to stick with weapons that use the same attributes in order to increase your effectiveness with those types of items. While you can feed attributes for two completely different types of weapons, it will spread your points thin and make you weaker.

6. Enabling PVP Gives More Experience

PVP used to be mandatory in New World. While that has changed in recent versions of the game, PVP is still a crucial component, and the developers have come up with a way to help push players towards it. While you can play the entire game as a PVE MMO, those who take the risk to enable PVP can get an additional 10 percent experience boost as they play.

It’s a small boost, but if you don’t mind the risk of running into enemy players and really want to dig into the meat and potatoes of New World, you can count on a faster leveling experience. Just be ready to fight other factions whenever you leave town.

New World Beginner Tips

7. Buy a House

New World features online leaderboards for players with the best housing. You’re awarded points based on decorations, rarity of the items you place, and more. All of which leads to bragging rights: whichever player is at the top of the leaderboards has their house appear to all other players in that particular town.

This might sound like a waste of time in New World, especially if you aren’t the type of person who likes to decorate things in games. However, there are plenty of reasons to purchase a house besides just throwing a bunch of furniture into it. Fast traveling in New World can get expensive very quickly, especially if you have many items on you. There are inns in each town that you can check into, which will allow you to “return” to them at any point; however, this “return” option has a very long cooldown.

When you buy a house, though, you add another place that you can “return” to in town. This system basically allows for free fast travel and can be a good way to help you get around the map without having to pay those expensive fast travel costs.

Speaking of costs, houses have upgradeable storage for you to place items you don’t need at any given time. The same goes for pets — you can house them at your own home if you don’t need them just then. Even the decorations have bonuses beyond the aesthetic. Certain powerful furnishings give your characters buffs when you place them. Housing, in short, isn’t just a vanity project for a small subset of players to care about. It’s an essential part of New World.

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