MTG Arena Mastery Pass Guide: End Date, Orbs, Rewards, XP Cap

The latest set for MTG Arena has arrived and it’s bringing a brand new rewards system with it. Dubbed Mastery Pass, this battle pass offers 100 levels of free and premium items for players to unlock. Yet, with so many avenues to earn digital cards, one has to wonder if this new battle pass is even worth your money. Below we will breakdown everything from the rewards to the price for the new Throne of Eldraine Mastery Tree.

Strap in fellow Teferi haters, because we have a lot to cover.

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Mastery Pass Price

MTG Arena’s Mastery Pass is broken up across two different reward branches. The top branch is completely free to everyone regardless of your rank, skill level, or time played while the bottom requires you to spend in-game gems. There are two variations of the premium Mastery Pass with the first costing 3,400 gems ($20.00 USD) and starting you out at whatever your current level is. While the second is priced at 5,400 gems (roughly $35.00) that comes with 10 free levels towards your Mastery rank.

We do not recommend you purchase the 5,400 version of the Mastery System. It’s comically expensive and gaining 10 levels isn’t that difficult if you’re diligent about playing every day. You can purchase a single level for 250 gems at any time, so if you can always dump excess gems into ranking up.

Mastery Pass End Date

At the time of writing this, Wizards of the Coast has not revealed the end date for the Throne of Eldraine Mastery Pass. Typically there are about 12 weeks in a season, so we suspect the Mastery Pass will last at least this long, especially since Throne of Edlraine just released. Things get a bit more complicated since we’re still in Season 4 of Core Set 2020. With little information to go on, our best estimate is this pass lasts until December

Mastery Tree

Along with the battle pass, MTG Arena also features a new Mastery Tree that features 30 cosmetic, motion art cards. Each node is unlocked with a Mastery Orb which can only be obtained via leveling the Mastery Pass’ free and premium branches. You will not earn the actual card displayed, only the alternate version. It’s only possible to unlock every node in the Mastery Tree by fully leveling up the Mastery Pass’s premium route. All of the cards in this tree are from Throne of Eldraine, so don’t expect to see anything from War of the Spark OR Core Set 2020.

Mastery Pass Rewards

Since there are two different branches in the Mastery Pass we will be breaking down the rewards between the free and the paid routes. The big difference this season is you can continuously earn rewards once you hit level 111. Everything beyond that will give you a free Uncommon ICR. Remember, if you paid the 3,400 gems you will also earn everything in the free path.

Free Path

  • 48 Throne of Eldraine Booster Packs
  • 5 Mastery Orbs
  • 10 Uncommon Cards
  • 4 Additional Standard Booster Packs

Premium Path

  • 5 Throne of Eldraine Booster Packs
  • 4 Core Set 2020 Booster Packs
  • 4 Guilds of Ravnica Booster Packs
  • 5 Ravnica Allegiance Booster Packs
  • 3 War of the Spark Booster Packs
  • 3 Mythic Rare ICRs (Individual Card Rewards)
  • 25 Card Styles
  • 25 Mastery Orbs
  • 10,000 Gold
  • 2,000 Gems
  • Enchanged Kingdom Card Sleeve
  • Garruk, Cursed Huntsman Avatar
  • Fae Fox Pet
  • Fae Fox Uncommon Upgrade
  • Fae Fox Rare Upgrade
  • Level 111+ Uncommon ICRs

If you pay for the 3,400 gem version than you can get your money back from the booster packs alone. Of course, the amount of rewards you earn is determined by how diligent you are at completing the daily quests. It will take a lot of time to obtain everything, even after the July 10 update. However, since a brand new set was released, this is a solid way to start building up your collection. As long as you’re diligent about completing the quests, it’s possible to obtain almost all the rewards.

Earning Mastery Pass XP

With the July 10 update the way you earn experience has changed. Now players will obtain 250 points of XP per win up to a maximum of 15 wins a week. This is a total of 3,750 experience a week from this avenue alone. Daily wins will no longer give experience, but they will still award gold and random cards.

Additionally, there are daily quests that can be completed. These revolve around playing certain colors, dropping lands, and other in-game mechanics. Each of these challenges rewards 500 experience a piece, so make sure to complete them whenever you log on. Finally, you can earn an extra 1,000 experience for partaking in the Chronicles event. There will be five of these special events during the season, with the first one beginning at the end of July.

While this pass offers a lot of bang for your buck, you might want to wait on the Mastery Pass for now. You’ll earn levels regardless if you buy the premium pass or not, so there’s no rush to obtain it right away. Purchasing the Mastery Pass at any time will still award you all the loot from levels you’ve already unlocked.