Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord Factions Guide – Complete Map, Faction Perks, Capitals

Much like other strategy games, in Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord, you’ll need to decide which faction you’re born into and eventually, which one to support. Each comes with their own backstory, strengths, weaknesses, and starting locations and more. But which faction should you choose? What are the starting positions? And just how many minor factions are there to wrangle? Our Mount & Blade Factions Guide has all the details you need to know!

Vlandians – Mount & Blade Factions

The Vlandians are the western-most empire on the continent with borders touching the Battanians and Western Empire, primarily. They also share a boundary with the Sturgians due to a few castles across the Rovalt mountains, along the bay’s shore. For the most part, the Vlandians have a very defensive position with a few different choke points into their territory.

Starting Ruler: King Derthert

Capital: Galend

Other Major Cities: Rovalt, Ostican, Ocs Hall, Pravend, Jaculan, Sargot, Charas

Minor Factions: Brotherhood of the Woods, Company of the Golden Boar

Faction Perk: 20% more upgrade XP to troops from battles.

The Vlandians are the descendants of adventurers from the west who lived under the Empire for centuries before forming an independent kingdom. With the decline of the imperial authority, they have evolved into a well organised feudal society led by a cast of warlike nobles who prefer to fight with spears and lances on horseback.

Sturgians – Mount & Blade Factions

Sturgian land is entirely along the northern boundary of the map. Almost all of their cities are up in the mountains and covered in snow, making them harder for enemy armies to capture. That said, controlling the entire northern part of the map does mean they share a long border with all of the factions to the south of them. The eastern portion of the empire is easier to defend with only one land connection and Northern Empire and Khuzaits to the south. Their western presence is technically separated by a small bay, and shares borders with Battanians and a much larger portion of the Northern Empire.

Starting Ruler: Prince Raganvad

Capital: Balgard

Other Major Cities: Revyl, Varcheg, Omor, Varnovapol, Sibir, Tyal

Minor Factions: Skolderbrotva, Sons of the Forest

Faction Perk: 20% less speed penalty from snow.

Sturgians are the descendants of the foreign tribes of northern Calradia. As the empire expanded into their cold forests, they found that a ready market for the luxurious furs of woodland animals whom they traditionally hunted and trapped. Sturgian chieftains became princes, vying for pre-eminence with the help of Nord mercenaries who migrated into their realm. They are good hunters and wanderers, travelling far in search of opportunities both for trade and plunder.

Empire – Mount & Blade Factions

The Empire is a bit different from other factions in that it’s split into three separate internal factions, having splintered from its former glory. Each is relatively comparable with similar enemies and starting locations. All are entirely surrounded by opposing factions. There is no single side where opponents can’t come from.

Northern Empire

Starting Ruler: Senator Lucon

Capital: Argoron

Major Cities: Epicrotea, Diathma, Amprela, Saneopa, Myzea

Minor Factions: Hidden Hand, Embers of the Flame, Legion of the Betrayed

Faction Perk: 20% construction speed bonus to town projects, wall repairs, and siege engines.

Southern Empire

Starting Ruler: Empress Rhagaea

Capital: Lycaron

Major Cities: Syronea, Onira, Danustica, Phycaon, Vostrum, Poros

Minor Factions: Hidden Hand, Embers of the Flame, Legion of the Betrayed

Faction Perk: 20% construction speed bonus to town projects, wall repairs, and siege engines.

Western Empire

Starting Ruler: Garios

Capital: Zeonica

Major Cities: Lageta, Rhotae, Ortysia, Jalmarys, Amitatys

Minor Factions: Hidden Hand, Embers of the Flame, Legion of the Betrayed

Faction Perk: 20% construction speed bonus to town projects, wall repairs, and siege engines.

The Calradian Empire is in decline. Even before the murder of the Emperor Arenicos, the once united realm was torn by political rivalries. Today, those factions are in open war. yet Calradians endure. They are technologically more advanced than their neighbors and their mastery of engineering is not just evident in their aqueducts, beautiful architecture and massive city walls. It also make them experts in siege warfare.

Aserai – Mount & Blade Factions

The Aserai are the southernmost faction and are almost entirely separated from the mainland thanks to a inland bay. While one thin finger of land does connect the western side of the continent, it’s only all the way to the east that massive armies can cross the lands.

Starting Ruler: Sultan Unqid

Capital: Quyaz

Major Cities: Sanala, Askar, Qasira, Iyakis, Hubyar, Razih, Husn Fulq

Minor Factions: Jawwal, The Ghilman

Faction Perk: Caravans are 30% cheaper to build. 10% less trade penalty.

The Aserai are the inhabitants of the Nahasa desert, a mixture of nomadic bedouin and settled oasis farmers. They are famous for their horsemanship and their knowledge of the learning of many lands, especially, medicine, gained from lying on some of the continent’s most lucrative trade routes. Each clan is fiercely proud of its lineage and often jealous of the others, but when united by a charismatic leader, they become a major force in the south.

Khuzaits – Mount & Blade Factions

The Khuzaits encompass the eastern border, ready to descent from the mountains and hillsides onto the rest of the continent. They’re relatively well positioned to be defensive with a river or lake between them and opposing factions for the most part.

Starting Ruler: Monchug

Capital: Makeb

Major Cities: Baltakhand, Chaikand, Ortongard, Akkalet, Odokh

Minor Factions: Karakhuzaits

Faction Perk: 10% extra speed bonus for horseman on campaign map.

The Khuzait confederation of steppe tribes used to live a nomadic life, but have recently settled in the eastern frontier of the Empire and are slowly transitioning into an agrarian society with permanent town centers. Despite this, they still retain many aspects of their nomadic life, including their affinity with horses. They are masters of mounted archery, shooting and then galloping out of reach.

Battanians- Mount & Blade Factions

And finally there are the Battanians. These forest loving folks are in the central highlands and are also surrounded on all sides. The good news is that they’re located on a central platform, meaning enemies will have to trudge up tall inclines and through thick forests to get at them.

Starting Ruler: King Caladog

Capital: Marunath

Major Cities: Seonon, Pen Cannoc, Dunglanys, Car Banseth

Minor Factions: Wolf Skins

Faction Perk: Forests give 10% less speed penalty to parties.

The Battanians still remember the olden days when the woods stretched across northern Calradia, and the Empire and its cities had yet to violate their sanctity. The fierce warriors remain loyal to their traditional ways. They paint their faces when going to battle and even their noblemen prefer to fight on foot while using great axes and two-handed words with deadly efficiency.


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