Monster Hunter Rise Aqua Sac Guide – Where to Find This Resource

Monster Hunter Rise is all about killing terrifying creatures and then wearing them as a hat. Now that the game has finally released, players are flocking to this colorful, charming action RPG to test their skills against all the giant beasts looking to make a meal out of them. Similar to previous Monster Hunter titles, players will get to design their own hunter which is tasked with bringing down large creatures to forge better gear. Of course, you’ll need more than monster hides and bones to make some pieces of armor. While some crafting materials like Machalite Ore can be farmed by just exploring the different biomes, others have to be taken from dead monsters. One of these is the Aqua Sac, which is used to forge certain armor sets and weapon types.

Monster Hunter Rise Aqua Sacs

How to Get Aqua Sacs

If you’ve played previous Monster Hunter games then you’ll know this item exclusively comes from monsters. You can get Aqua Sacs only from the Low Rank versions of Tetranadon or the Royal Ludroth. Before we get into the nitty-gritty details let’s quickly go over how rewards are given how during a hunt. There are five separate ways that players can earn materials from large monsters during hunts.

Target and Capture Rewards are what’s offered at the rewards upon completing the hunt. Broken Parts are bonus rewards, but what you get depends entirely on what you actually break on the monster. Carves are what you get when cutting up the monster’s corpse at the end of the hunt, while dropped materials are what can be found on the ground during a battle.

Got it? Good. Below are the Aqua Sac reward percentages for both the Tetranadon and Royal Ludroth.


  • Target Rewards – 24%
  • Capture Rewards – 29%
  • Broken Parts Rewards – 70% (Torso only)
  • Carves – 19%
  • Dropped Materials – 0%

Royal Ludroth

  • Target Rewards – 14%
  • Capture Rewards – 14%
  • Broken Parts Rewards – 0%
  • Carves – 0%
  • Dropped Materials – 0%

Of the two, the Tetranadon is clearly the better monster to farm if you need any Aqua Sacs. While this enemy can be tricky at first, this giant amphibian has some pretty slow moves, which makes dodging them quite easy. That being said, if you’re not properly armored the Tetranadon can hit you for a lot of damage. You’ll always want to try and break the Tetranadon’s torso, as this will give you the greatest chance of actually obtaining an Aqua Sac. I recommend bringing a weapon that has a paralysis affinity not only because it’s quite effective against this beast, but you can stun it to focus on bashing the creature’s torso.

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Remember, this is only for the Low Rank versions of these monsters. If you battle them at High Rank, the rewards you earn will be different. That being said, you will only really need Aqua Sacs for Low Rank gear so this shouldn’t be much of an issue.