Mold Removal: Control Guide – Mold Host Locations

Track down every Mold Host in Control with our location guide.

We’ve all been here before, am I right? You forget to open the window before you hit the shower and BOOM! Mold everywhere. Well, be thankful the mold in your grimy bathroom isn’t as aggressive as the one you have to deal with in Control. This mold has a nasty habit of killing people and reanimating their corpses. Mercifully, we’re on hand to help you contain this fungal infection with our guide to the Mold Removal side mission in Control.

You unlock this task after completing the Old Growth side mission for Dr. Underhill. That’s no small feat in itself, but that’s not why we’re here. Once you defeat the Mold monster and inform Underhill of the news, she’ll ask you to help track down several Mold Hosts who are still loose within the Oldest House. They’re spread around the Research Division, with three Mold Hosts in each section. None of them are particularly tough, though, so feel free to dispatch of them as you see fit. Right. Let’s get cracking!

Eradicate the Mold Hosts Around Parapsychology – Mold Removal Control Guide

The first Mold Host can be found in the Extrasensory Lab. Fast travel to the control point in Parapsychology and then head north, through the large room. Hiss will probably spawn as you move through here – kill them or run, it’s up to you. In this room you’ll see a door labelled Extrasensory Lab, with a load of Mold growing around it. Head in here and take the first door to your left, into the Control room. Progress through here and you’ll find the Mold Host.

Control Mold Removal Guide

The next Mold Host we’re going to find is chilling out in the large chamber in the Astral Exhibition. Head back into the large room and take the staircase in the north west corner. Keep following the path until you reach the Astral Exhibition. The Mold Host will be straight ahead of you as you enter.

Control Mold Removal Guide

The third Mold Host can be found in the Parakinesiology section. From the large chamber, exit using the door to the south and proceed through the Astral Exhibition until you reach the control point. Move through the door on your right and into Parakinesiology. Once inside, take the stairs to your immediate right and the Mold Host will be at the top. Be warned, a bunch of Hiss will also spawn as you enter the room.

Control Mold Removal Guide

Eradicate the Mold Host in Ritual Division – Mold Removal Control Guide

Fast travel to the Ritual Division control point. From here head north west to the Synchronicity Lab. You’ll see Mold outside the door. Enter the Lab and head up the staircase straight ahead of you, turning left when the staircase forks. The Mold Host is at the top of the stairs.

Control Mold Removal Guide

The Second Host can be found in the Ritual Office. Head back into the main area where the control point is located. From here, move through the doorway in the South East corner of the room (it’s labeled Ritual Office, you can’t miss it). Take the elevator up. Exit the elevator and follow the path through another door into an office. The Mold Host is on your immediate right. Be careful as you enter, it’s a small room and he’s got a nasty vomit spray attack.

Control Mold Removal Guide

The final Mold Host in this section can be found in main area of the Ritual Division. For style points you can return to the main area by shooting out the office window and flying down. Boring people can take the elevator. Either way, from this main area head north, up the large staircase. At the halfway point, you’ll see a load of Mold on the ground near the entrance to the men’s restroom on your right. I’ll give you three guesses where our last Mold Host is? Head inside and kill it.

Control Mold Removal Guide

Eradicate the Mold Host in Central Research – Mold Removal Control Guide

Fast travel to the control point in Central Research. Recklessly hurl yourself off the edge and fly down to the bottom of the room (or take the elevator, again, if you’re boring). Once you’re at the bottom, head around to the back of the main staircase. You’ll see a load of Mold built up around a door labelled Lab 1. Head through the door and down the stairs. The Mold Host should walk through the door directly ahead of you.

Control Mold Removal Guide

The next Mold Host can be found in the restrooms. Head back to the bottom of the main stairs and the restrooms are just to the south. This time the Mold Host can be found in the ladies’ restroom.

Control Mold Removal Guide

The final Mold Host is a sneaky one. Climb back up the main staircase until you reach the floor that has the shelter on it. Look up at the wall to the left of the shelter and you’ll see a window surrounded by Mold – the Mold Host is through there. There is no door to this room, so you’ll have to shoot the window out and fly inside.

Control Mold Removal Guide

Return to Underhill

With all the Mold Hosts eliminated, return to Underhill’s lab. The entrance is found at the bottom of the Central Research area (it’s the big hole in the floor, underneath the stairs). Talk to Underhill to turn in the Mold Hosts side mission. She will thank you for your assistance, in the most patronizing way possible of course. You’ll also receive some tasty rewards and skill points, which will make the rest of your time in Control just a little bit easier.


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