Minecraft Dungeons Redstone Golem Guide – How to Kill Redstone Golems

Minecraft Dungeons is a game filled with hordes of zombies, skeleton archers, and corrupted villagers throwing poisonous potions. Yet, one of the most destructive enemies you’ll come across is the Redstone Golem, which is a reoccurring mini-boss you’ll need to take down. This hulking behemoth is pretty dangerous and can dish out a lot of damage, especially in the later levels when he’s accompanied by extra enemies. So if you’re having trouble dealing with the Redstone Golem, here’s a quick rundown of how to defeat this foe.

How to Beat the Redstone Golem

For this guide, we will be focusing solely on using your melee weapon, bow, and health potion. Since there are a ton of abilities you can acquire, we cannot assume everyone will have the same items. However, if you do have any additional healing skills then you should definitely equip them when facing a Redstone Golem.

One of the golem’s two attacks is a slap in a 180 arc in front of it. This does a decent amount of damage and has some knockback. Its second move is to summon a bunch of yellow land mines around it that will trigger if you step into the indicated radius. These are what you want to watch out for, as they can instantly kill you if you’re not careful or low on health.

However, when the golem is actually deploying the mines is when you want to attack. After a few seconds of chasing you, the golem will slam the ground and begin spawning mines. This leaves him absolutely defenseless, letting you get 3-4 hits in before the golem recovers. We don’t recommend trying to trade damage with this mini-boss, as it will surely kill you if you face it head to head.

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Once you deal a bit of damage just run around the map until the Redstone Golem attempts to spawn more mines. You can also “stutter step,” and fire your arrow at the golem after every couple of steps. While this is easy to do in a large open space, the final level, Obisidian Pinnacle, has you fighting these foes in confined spaces.

For these fights, try to use the level’s geography to your advantage. You can easily get the golem trapped on a corner or object in the world, letting you pepper him with spells or arrows. You’ll need to stand adjacent to the golem so it’s running at you, but in reality, hitting the corner or object since it can’t move past them. It’s not elegant, but this makes the fights inside the library portion much easier.

Additionally, try to always clear out any other foes first before focusing on the golem, otherwise, you will surely die. Just be patient and strike when it’s deploying mines since there’s nothing it can do during this damage window. It will take a bit of time, but once you get the pattern down you shouldn’t have any trouble beating this monster.