Minecraft Dungeons Enchantment Guide – How to Unlock Enchantments

Minecraft Dungeons is the latest title from developer Mojang and it’s infusing its iconic blocky aesthetic with traditional top-down RPG elements. Taking inspiration from games such as Diablo, this is a dungeon crawler where players navigate a mostly randomized set of locations to stop the evil Arch-Illager. Along the way, you will earn better loot, which will not only improve your general survivability but infuse your character with powerful passive abilities. These are called Enchantments and mastering them will be key if you want to survive higher difficulties in Minecraft Dungeons.

Here’s everything you need to know about Enchantments before you set off on your journey:

What Are Enchantments?

Enchantments are passive skills that will randomly roll for either your armor, melee weapon, or ranged weapon.  When you get a piece of loot, open up your inventory, and highlight the item. In the bottom corner you should see three diamonds under the word Enchantments. Each diamond represents the number of Enchantments that a piece of gear can unlock. Every diamond can potentially have up to four Enchantments to choose from, but you can only unlock one Enchantment per slot.

Meaning, if you have a piece of gear with two slots available and three Enchantments in each slot, you can only have two of the six total Enchantments active at any time. Additionally, you cannot unlock two Enchantments in the same grouping, so you are bound to whatever comes with each diamond. It’s also possible, especially in your first run of the game, to not unlock any armor with three Enchantment slots available. Typically you will only have two during your first playthrough, even for Unique tier gear which are the rarest items in Minecraft Dungeons.

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How to Get Enchantment Points

Enchantment Points are what’s used to actually upgrade and unlock Enchantments. These can only be unlocked by leveling up and you’ll receive one point per level. Thankfully, Enchantment Points are renewable, meaning if you Salvage a piece of gear that you’ve leveled up, you’ll earn all of those points back. This means there are no repercussions to just unlocking Enchantments for new gear you’ve obtained, so don’t worry about losing them. You cannot unlock these points any other way, so the grind for them will be pretty slow.

How to Unlock Enchantments

Once you have some Enchantment Points, highlight the piece of gear you want to unlock an Enchantment for in your inventory. Now pick which of the passive skills available you want and then click Upgrade or press the A button if you’re on Xbox One. You will instantly unlock that Enchantment and it will auto-equip to your piece of armor.

Since you have a max level of 55, you can earn a total of 55 Enchantment Points to fully level up all your gear. Remember, there’s no way to respec your weapons and armor, so choose carefully. While this may change with future updates, currently, you’re locked into whatever Enchantment you pick in Minecraft Dungeons.