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The MHW “Mighty Muscle Monkey Madness” quest sure is a mouthful. It’s worth keeping an eye out for, however, as the mission lets you craft the Buff Body layered armor! Or at least a version of it? The extremely “unique” cosmetic gear lets you look like a mostly naked body builder. The appropriately named Buff Body Alpha set was wearable armor with stats — and a fairly popular option among hunters. Now you can create the purely aesthetic Buff Body Gamma layered armor if you want different stats (and/or a slightly different look) to work with, too. It’s just the latest addition as Monster Hunter continues to impress on the cosmetic front. Though you need to actually craft the layered armor to achieve this beefy look. That’s where the Mighty Muscle Monkey Madness event quest comes in. Lets take a look at what you need to prepare for this deadly hunt.

As the name implies, Mighty Muscle Monkey Madness is a MHW mission against a couple angry apes. Specifically, you’re doing battle with two Furious Rajang in the normal arena. These are deadly, late-game monsters that give even experienced players a tough time. And that’s when there’s just one of them. You need to be careful and prepared for this fight! Quick completions are key to getting your layered armor as quickly as possible. And in this case, that means coming prepared with the right items, equipment, and… well, buffs… to get your Buff Body layered armor.

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Note: In MHW, Mighty Muscle Monkey Madness begins for the first time on Oct. 15, 2020 as part of the Fun Fright Fest. It ends on Nov. 5, 2020. After which you should consult the event quest calendar for further details.

Did you know that Rajang hits hard? Furious Rajang is no different, and works in many more Thunder attacks to spread the damage out. Defense Boost and/or Divine Blessing are nothing to sneeze at in this fight if you’re getting monkey mashed. Level 4 and Level 6 in Defense Boost are the sweet spots, since they give you bonus defense and elemental resistance. This pairs well with Alatreon gear — increasing your elemental damage as you go — particularly if you equip the legs. These come with Level 3 Defense Boost built in, and give you just a bit more wiggle room in the fight.

Divine Blessing is best at Level 5, which you can achieve with two pieces of Gold Rathian gear. This is much easier to acquire than Alatreon stuff! That makes it a pretty classic, efficient “safety” options for a lot of builds. Grab the Gold Rathian chest and waist pieces to easily max things out.

Whatever armor you choose, Furious Rajang is weakest to Ice elemental weapons. Once again, this pairs very well with Alatreon gear, but if you’re killing that ultra-late-game monster enough to craft its set, you probably already knew that. Kjarr weapons from Kulve Taroth, with their built-in Critical Element skill, also work wonders. But Velkhana gear is super solid! Two pieces of Velkhana armor will also grant you Critical Element, which makes the icy Pegasus well worth farming, particularly if you can beat its Arch-Tempered form.

Getting your Thunder Resistance up to 20 is also a huge help. It will make you naturally immune to the Thunderblight Furious Rajang inflicts with lightning attacks. Thunderblight is a status ailment that causes you to become stunned more easily, which, combined with how hard Furious Rajang hits physically,  is a big no-no. One useful trick is to simply eat your veggies at the Canteen for Element Resistance. This gives 15 extra resistance to all your elemental defenses. So if your armor set packs just five points of Thunder defense, you’re immune to Thunderblight until you cart, and take less Thunder damage overall. That’s a big win-win!

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All this defense may seem like overkill. With two Furious Rajang on the field at the same time, however, it’s tremendously easy to get caught in their area-of-effect crossfire. Slow and steady wins the race against these twin monkeys. Though if you want to speed things up, there are some options.

The first is to make sure you tenderize. Furious Rajang can “harden” its arms (imbuing them with an unhealthy red glow). This makes attacks more likely to bounce off, or do less damage if you have Mind’s Eye. Tenderizing the arms with your Clutch Claw negates that effect… for a time.

The problem is Furious Rajang itself. The ape can literally grab you out of midair if you try to clutch onto it, shooting lightning in your face and throwing you to the ground. You must learn the proper openings to tenderize — such as when it’s flinched, stunned, mounted, or recovering after its horizontal spin attack. All of these are wonderful opportunities to soften the hide. That’s doubly important against Furious Rajang, since you can’t attack its tail to reduce the time it spends hardened. This variant simply doesn’t have a tail at all.

With all this in mind, the fight is a matter of dividing and conquering, like “Muscle Monkey Madness” before it. One Furious Rajang is much easier to kill than two; focus your efforts on the closest one to you and get it off the field. Since this mission takes place in the normal Arena, you can also raise the center gate to separate the pair, if you’re confident in your timing.

Speaking of the normal Arena, you cannot resupply there! Make sure to bring extra crafting materials for things like Mega Potions and Max Potions. Then equip them to your radial item menu. This allows you to auto-craft the items if you run out (and bring the necessary materials) if you try to use the item when you’re dry. For example, if you use  up both Max Potions, and try to use a third with the radial menu, it will craft one for you on the spot. This works even if you’re knocked down or stunned. Though Level 3 Stun Resistance might not be the worst skill here, even if you have 20 Thunder defense.

For your trouble, you’ll receive at least one special ticket needed to craft the MHW Buff Body layered armor. You may need to run the mission a few times, of course, so using these tips will be key to clean runs. Good luck and happy hunting!


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