Mario Kart Tour Characters List – All Available Drivers, Karts, and Gliders

Nintendo’s Mario Kart Tour has a gacha-like mechanic, where players pull for a random chance at important characters and items. Mario Kart Tour pulls include three categories: drivers, karts, and gliders. These pulls will have different rarities and uses, so it can get confusing keeping track of what all is available. If Mario Kart Tour is your first game with gacha, you may not understand why Mario isn’t available from the start!

So what characters, karts, and gliders are currently available in Mario Kart Tour? Keep reading into the Mario Kart Tour Character List to find out!

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Mario Kart Tour Category Tiers

There are three tiers of drivers, karts, and gliders in Mario Kart Tour. Each category is rarer than the next with High-End pulls having the highest base point value and the best skills. While High-End drivers, karts, and gliders are going to be the most desired, they aren’t easy to obtain.

  • Normal (Silver) – about 5% appearance rate
  • Super (Gold) – about 1% appearance rate
  • High-End (Pink) – about 0.3% appearance rate
  • High-End (Pink) Spotlight Pulls – about 1% appearance rate

It’s worth mentioning that you exhaust a spotlight gacha banner of its pipe pulls, you’ll get the spotlight driver, kart, and glider from the banner for free. It takes 100 pulls to exhaust a banner, which if you’re only did 10 pulls, would cost 450 Rubies. That’s a lot of Rubies, so in all likelihood, you’re not going to get the free spotlight High-End items before a banner ends unless you spend a lot of money.

How to get all the Mario Kart Tour Characters

There’s no guaranteed way to get all the characters in Mario Kart Tour due to the gacha mechanics in play. You can increase your chances of getting as many characters as possible by purchasing the Gold Pass. The Gold Pass is $5/month and offers extra rewards from Tour gifts, which includes more Rubies for pipe pulls and even free characters. Also, you can buy specific characters from the daily shop for coins, so you can run the Coin Rush and buy the characters you are missing, provided they’re in the shop that day.

Mario Kart Tour Characters List

What driver you choose in Mario Kart Tour will decide what special item they can get from item boxes. Generally, though, you’ll be picking drivers less on what item they provide and more on how favored they are with the track. The most favored characters can get three items per item boxes, giving you a huge advantage and a chance to enter an Item Frenzy. While some unique items are very powerful (like Bowser’s Shell), you’ll usually want to forgo unique items for more items.

Normal (Silver)

  • Baby Mario – Boomerang Flower
  • Baby Peach – Bubble
  • Baby Daisy – Bubble
  • Koopa Troopa – Triple Green Shells
  • Shy Guy – Double Bob-ombs
  • Dry Bones – Triple Green Shells

Super (Gold)

  • Mario – Fire Flower
  • Peach – Heart
  • Yoshi – Yoshi’s Egg
  • Daisy – Heart
  • Toad – Triple Mushrooms
  • Toadette – Triple Mushrooms
  • Bowser – Bowser’s Shell
  • Donkey Kong – Giant Banana
  • Diddy Kong – Banana Barrel

High-End (Pink)

  • Metal Mario – Fire Flower
  • Peachette – Mushroom Cannon
  • Pauline – Lucky Seven
  • Mario (Musician) – Double Bob-ombs
  • Dry Bowser – Bowser’s Shell

Mario Kart Tour Karts List

Different karts in Mario Kart Tour have different skills, which normally give you more points for certain actions. Choosing the right kart for the type of track you’re racing on can make the difference between a 4-star and a 5-star result. For example, tracks that end with ‘T’ have a lot of jumps, so a Jump Boost Plus will get you more points. Tracks that end in ‘R’ may have a lot of glider and dash panels to help racers get around the reverse track, so Dash Panel Plus would be a good pick.

Normal (Silver)

  • Pipe Frame – Slipstream Plus
  • Birthday Girl – Dash Panel Plus
  • Mushmellow – Jump Boost Plus
  • Koopa Dasher – Rocket Start Plus
  • Bullet Blaster – Rocket Start Plus
  • Bull’s-Eye Banzai – Rocket Start Plus

Super (Gold)

  • Mach 8 – Slipstream Plus
  • Daytripper – Dash Panel Plus
  • Turbo Yoshi – Jump Boost Plus
  • Soda Jet – Mini-Turbo Plus
  • Super Blooper – Mini-Turbo Plus
  • Gold Blooper – Mini-Turbo Plus
  • Flame Flyer – Rocket Start Plus
  • Barrel Train – Rocket Start Plus

High-End (Pink)

  • B Dasher – Dash Panel Plus
  • Black B Dasher – Dash Panel Plus
  • Yellow Taxi – Jump Boost Plus
  • Badwagon – Mini-Turbo Plus
  • Blue Badwagon – Mini-Turbo Plus

Mario Kart Tour Gliders List

Gilders in Mario Kart Tour will determine which item you’ll be more likely to get in an item box. Picking the right gilder can help a lot in completing certain challenges. Many challenges revolve around using a certain item, sometimes with a certain character, and the ‘Plus’ skills can make it a lot easier to get the item you need to complete the challenge at hand.

Normal (Silver)

  • Super Glider – Mushroom Plus
  • Parachute – Blooper Plus
  • Parafoil – Green Shell Plus

Super (Gold)

  • Peach Parasol – Red Shell Plus
  • Flower Glider – Banana Plus
  • Bob-omb Parafoil – Bob-omb Plus
  • Shell Parachute – Green Shell Plus

High-End (Pink)

  • Gold Gilder – Coin Plus
  • Fare Flier – Super Horn Plus
  • Swooper – Bob-omb Plus
  • Bullet Bill Parachute – Bullet Bill Plus

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