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Idol Maiden.

Lost Judgment does not feature karaoke, but that doesn’t mean there are no musical segments in place. The Dance Club is one of the clubs in School Stories, and features a rhythm minigame that’s more in-depth than the usual karaoke songs from the Yakuza series. Including several difficulty options, cosmetics to hunt down, and different abilities to make it easier, there’s a lot to keep track of. This guide dives into all textbook and outfit locations, as well as general tips in case you’re not accustomed to rhythm games.

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How Does the Dance Club Work in Lost Judgment?

From all the minigames in School Stories, this is one of the most straightforward ones. If you’re used to spending hours procrastinating in karaoke bars in Yakuza games, you’ll be familiar with the basics already. The presentation is more akin to a traditional rhythm game, which allows for more or less complexity with four different difficulty options to choose from. But if you’re completely oblivious of the genre, don’t fret, as Lost Judgment tackles that in a smart way.

Dance Club Minigame Tips – Lost Judgment

First, while your performance in a song is graded with a score like your usual rhythm game, you don’t need a high grade. Instead, the Groove meter has a Clear limit that you must meet. This means you only need enough points to pass the song, instead of trying to master it. In addition to the variety of difficulties, it should be no problem.

While rhythm games can be complicated and a bit daunting for newcomers, there is a clever solution. Yagami is able to use EX movements during specific moments in a song, which simplify things exponentially.

It’s worth noting that while there are four rows of movements, they all do the same action — they only impact Yagami’s animation. Still, we recommend you choose A, B, and C movements.

Where to Find Dance Textbooks

EX movements are obtained from Dance Textbooks. The first batch is obtained by default, while the remaining three have certain requirements:

  • Locking Dance Textbook: Unlocked after winning the prelims.
  • Popping Dance Textbook: Unlocked after meeting Komekado as you progress through the storyline. He will finally tell you why he’s been avoiding the dance club (TLDR; he’s a coward), but in exchange you will receive the Popping Dance Textbook.
  • Breakdancing Dance Textbook: After you complete the second stage of the Ijincho Hounds minigame and gain access to the Skateboard Prize Exchange shop, you can purchase the Breakdancing Dance Textbook for 5,000 yen.

Where to Find Dance Club Outfits

In case you’re in need of extra help or just want for Yagami and the Rabbits to look more fashionable, there are three outfit sets to hunt down. Using them will nicely benefit you by boosting your score during songs, as well.

You can find Dance Club Outfits in the Bar District:

  • Formal Dance Outfit: 28,000 yen at Hustle Boutique.
  • Hip Hop Dance Outfit: 36,000 yen at Hustle Boutique.
  • Dance Outfit – Idol: 98,000 yen at Hustle Boutique — in order to unlock it, you first have to purchase A View With Dancing from Onodera’s Wares in the Commercial District.

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