Lost Judgment Chapters List Guide – How Long is Lost Judgment?

Trials and tribulations

While Kazuma Kiryu and Ichiban Kasuga have both left their footprints in Kamurocho and Ijincho, Lost Judgment introduces detective Yagami Takayuki once more. Yagami ends up involved in quite a particular case that he investigates throughout a new story, which jumps from a dark tone to the usual shenanigans from developer Ryu Ga Gotoku often. This guide covers how long it will take you to unravel the mystery in full (without spoilers!) and how many chapters there are.

How Long is Lost Judgment?

As we’ve come to expect from the Yakuza series, as well as the first Judgment, you can expect quite a long stay in Lost Judgment. The main story is divided across two fully-explorable cities: the iconic Kamurocho and Ijincho, the newest city that saw its debut during Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

You can expect around 30 hours of playtime if you decide to focus solely on the main story. Of course, doing so means that you would be missing out from many of the elements that make Lost Judgment and Ryu Ga Gotoku games so enticing to explore in full. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of collectibles to find and activities to take part of.

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At a glance, there’s a collectible hunt that tasks you to find a total of 56 squirrels scattered across both cities. Then, you can expect 42 substories (called side cases in Judgment) to complete. But, perhaps most interestingly, Lost Judgment features an overarching storyline involving Seiryo High School. This involves 10 school clubs, each presenting its own story as well as a minigame. To reach 100% completion, you’re looking at around 90 to 100 hours of playtime. If that’s you, buckle up for the long haul because this is going to take some time!

Lost Judgment Chapters List

You can expect an array of chapters to dive into. Some chapters happen to be more story-driven than others, while the locations vary significantly. This means that you’ll be traveling back and forth between both cities quite often. As per usual, you’re able to save a game whenever a new chapter starts, which we highly recommend in case you miss something or just want to revisit a certain point in the story. Worth mentioning that you can hunt down collectibles and complete side content after finishing the main story.

Below you can find the full chapters list:

  • Chapter 1: Black Sheep
  • Chapter 2: Vicious Cycle
  • Chapter 3: Two Sides of the Same Coin
  • Chapter 4: Red Knife
  • Chapter 5: Double Jeopardy
  • Chapter 6: Converging Heat
  • Chapter 7: Blindsided
  • Chapter 8: Phantom of Ijincho
  • Chapter 9: The Weight of Guilt
  • Chapter 10: Catch a Tiger
  • Chapter 11: Undercover
  • Chapter 12: To Nourish a Viper
  • Chapter 13: Darkest Before the Dawn

And that’s it! Best of luck getting to the bottom of the case. Lastly, we’ve put together 26 things you should know in case you need help along the way.


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