Legends of Runeterra Weekly Vault Guide – Ranks, Rewards, Upgrade Chance

In a departure from many online collectible card games, Legends of Runeterra rewards players with an abundance of cards at the end of each week. By playing games and earning XP, you can level up your weekly vault rewards. Each vault contains three total chests which increase in rarity the higher your rank is each Tuesday, when the week resets. Our Legends of Runeterra weekly vault guide has all the information you need on this feature including how much XP is required, what each chest contains, the chance of each chest upgrading, and more!

What is the Weekly Vault?

As we mentioned, as you play each week you’ll upgrade your weekly vault. At Level 1 you get three bronze chests; Level 2 there are two bronze chests and a silver; Level 3, two silver chests and a bronze, etc. On Tuesday your vault unlocks, providing you with the rewards inside and resetting your vault progress to zero XP.

How Much XP is Required for the Weekly Vault?

At first you gain a level with every 1,000 XP, but this scales up over time. Eventually you’ll need a full 4,000 XP to reach the final rank.



Vault Rewards

1 0 3 Bronze Chests
2 1000 1 Silver Chest, 2 Bronze Chests, Expedition Token
3 2000 2 Silver Chests, 1 Bronze Chest, Expedition Token
4 3000 1 Gold Chest, 1 Silver Chest, 1 Bronze Chest, Expedition Token
5 4000 1 Gold Chest, 2 Silver Chests, Champion Card, Expedition Token
6 5000 2 Gold Chests, 1 Silver Chest, Champion Card, Expedition Token
7 7000 3 Gold Chests, Champion Card, Expedition Token
8 9000 1 Platinum Chest, 2 Gold Chests, Champion Card, Expedition Token
9 11000 2 Platinum Chests, 1 Gold Chest, Champion Card, Expedition Token
10 13000 3 Platinum Chests, Champion Wildcard, Expedition Token
11 17000 1 Diamond Chest, 2 Platinum Chests, Champion Wildcard, Expedition Token
12 21000 2 Diamond Chests, 1 Platinum Chest, Champion Wildcard, Expedition Token
MAX 25000 3 Diamond Chests, Champion Wildcard, Expedition Token

What Provides Good XP?

A lot of your XP will come from daily quests, most offer 1,000 XP, but some do grant 1,500. The rest of your XP comes from just playing the game. Here’s the breakdown from Riot.

  • First-wins bonus XP
    • 400 bonus XP for your first PVP win each day, 200 for the 2nd, and 100 for the 3rd.
    • Base PVP win XP now 200.
  • More XP from PVP losses
    • Base PVP loss XP now 100.
  • Diminishing XP rewards over many hours
    • PVP Wins (per day)
      • 200 XP
    • PVP Losses
      • Losses 1-4 (in one day) reward 100 XP.
      • Losses 5-10 (in one day) reward 50XP
      • Losses 11+ (in one day) reward 0 XP.
    • Vs AI Wins (per day)
      • Wins 1-10 reward 100 XP.
      • Wins 11+ reward 50 XP.
    • Vs AI Losses
      • Losses 1-4 reward 50 XP.
      • Losses 5-10 reward 25 XP
      • Losses 11+ reward 0 XP.
    • Friend Challenge Wins
      • Wins 1-5 reward 200 XP.
      • Wins 6+ reward 0 XP.
    • Friend Challenge Losses
      • Losses 1-4 reward 100 XP.
      • Losses 6+ reward 0 XP.

What is in Each Legends of Runeterra Chest?

Each Legends of Runeterra chest has a number of cards in it and some shards for crafting. Keep in mind that you’re opening three of these at the end of the week. You can feasibly end up with nine free capsules and upward of 40+ cards!

  • Bronze Chest
    • 2 Common Cards
    • 60+ Shards
  • Silver Chest
    • 2 Common Cards
    • 1 Rare Card
    • 140+ Shards
  • Gold Chest
    • 1 Rare Capsule
    • 240+ Dust
  • Platinum Chest
    • 2 Rare Capsules
    • 360+ Dust
  • Diamond Chest
    • 3 Rare Capsules
    • 500+ Dust

What’s in Each Legends of Runeterra Capsule?

Okay, so now we have to break down capsules so you know what those contain. Same approach below:

  • Rare Capsule
    • 4 Uncommon Cards
    • 1 Rare Card
  • Epic Capsule
    • 2 Uncommon Cards
    • 2 Rare Cards
    • 1 Epic Card
  • Champion Capsule
    • 3 Rare Cards
    • 1 Epic Card
    • 1 Champion Card
  • Wild Capsule
    • 4 Common Wildcards
    • 1 Rare Wildcard

Legends of Runeterra Upgrade Chance

But there are no epic and champion capsules in the chests. “Why list them?” you may ask. Because there’s a chance for everything in your rewards to upgrade. Here are the details confirmed current as of January 28, 2020.


Upgrade Chance

Chest → Chest Tier +1 20%
Capsule → Wild Capsule 5%
Capsule → Epic Capsule 10%
Epic Capsule → Champion Capsule 10%
Random Common, Rare, Epic → Wildcard of Same Rarity 10%
Random Champion → Champion Wildcard 5%
Random Card → Random Card Rarity +1 10%
Wildcard → Wildcard Rarity +1 10%

And that’s it! Have any other questions about Legends of Runeterra’s weekly vault system? Let us know and we’ll do our best to address them!


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  1. Does the vault keep progressing on Tuesday until you open it? For example, if I need 400 more XP to level it up, can I play a few more games on Tuesday before opening or is that chest locked at that level Tuesday morning.

    1. You get to open them whenever you log in next at which point you’ll start progressing towards that week’s vault.

  2. I think the MAX lvl vault rewards are wrong,
    I think it need to be 3 diamond chests instead of 3 platinum chests.

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