How to Unlock Layered Armor – Monster Hunter Rise Layered Armor Guide

The cosmetic options are a little limited at launch.

Monster Hunter Rise Layered Armor is a tricky thing to find. The previous games in the series, Monster Hunter World and Generations Ultimate, unlocked the feature as you progressed through the story. Now the Nintendo Switch game comes with several Amiibo you can use to unlock it. You might want to know how this process works and exactly how you can unlock more Layered Armor for all your fashion hunter needs. So I’ve concocted this small guide to the process in Monster Hunter Rise!

Monster Hunter Rise had a few strange hiccups at launch — which might account for the equally odd way Layered Armor was originally buried in the game. The game plays perfectly. It’s just missing some key elements that appear tied to future Title Updates that start about a month after release. The endgame in particular was a little lacking at launch. And traditionally, Layered Armor — as well as other cosmetic “transmog” features in the series — are pursuits for after you beat the main story.

That is now the case in Monster Hunter Rise, thanks to the 2.0 update. It just doesn’t show up in the game by default. Not even under the section where you change your appearance, which is only for altering your hunter’s face. All you need to do is unlock your HR cap by completing the main story in the Gathering Hub. After which you can acquire Outfit Tickets from just about any mission!

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You’ll receive three Outfit Tickets by default when you unlock Layered Armor crafting. From then on, these will also appear as quest rewards for beating High Rank missions. Seven-star Rampages seem to be a particularly good source. With these tickets, just hit up the smithy in Kamura and select the Layered Armor option. You can then craft nearly any set use the “points” system seen on many weapon upgrades. This allows you to craft the cosmetic gear without needing too many specific monster parts.

Before this part of the game, of course, there are a couple other ways to unlock bonus Layered Armor sets. Though they mostly involve spending real money.

The “Kamurai” set, for example, is available as part of the deluxe edition of Monster Hunter Rise — or buy purchasing the “Deluxe Kit” DLC for $15 after you buy the normal game. There’s also a horde of smaller Layered Armor pieces available in the eShop for about $1.50 apiece. Otherwise you can grab all of what’s currently available in a single $20 bundle.

There are also currently three Monster Hunter Rise Amiibo: one for Magnamalo, a Palico, and a Palamute. The first comes with a Layered Armor set for your hunter known as the “Sinister Seal” set. It’s a wispy, purple affair by default that’s clearly based on the flagship monster itself. The other two Amiibo unlock similar designs. Only they create Layered Armor for your Palicoes and Palamutes respectively.

To scan your Amiibo in Monster Hunter Rise, you actually need to go to the in-game market (i.e. the place where you buy potions, traps, ammo, etc.). The first time you scan one of the three Amiibo you’ll permanently unlock its Layered Armor set. From then on, you can also scan each one for in-game lottery tickets that provide some useful items. This is already a feature in the game, but the Amiibo let you perform the action a tiny bit more frequently.

The Sinister Seal set (and all Monster Hunter Rise Layered Armor for that matter) will then become available at your Item Box. The first time you scan in or purchase a piece, the Layered Armor function will finally, permanently appear as an option just below “Appearance Settings.” From there you can select any piece of your hunter’s body and cosmetically change it to any unlocked piece of Layered Armor — just like in MHW before. The armor pieces will appear, but your stats will remain tied to whatever real equipment you have selected.

Unlocking Layered Armor in Monster Hunter Rise is a helluva lot easier than in past games. So make sure to check it out and see what sort of fashion feels best to you!