How to Shake Hands or High Five Your Buddies in Monster Hunter Rise

Here's how to activate Dango Connector with a shake a high five!

You can shake hands with or high five your Buddies in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. This is, of course, cute all on its own. Yet you also need it for a specific (and pretty useful) type of dango flavor. We’re talking about Buddy Bond, which triggers the “Dango Connector” skill in Monster Hunter Rise. Though it only works after using the “High Five” or “Shake” commands with either your Palico or Palamute, respectively. The problem? The game doesn’t make it super clear how to perform either action. So let’s take a look at how to use High Five and Shake in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak!

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Dango Connector

As you can probably guess, you have two options here: the high five or the shake. Both function pretty much exactly the same. The only difference is that the former is done with a Palico and the latter is done with a Palamute. You can’t shake with a Palico; nor can you high five a Palamute. Though it doesn’t really matter. Either option will work just the same!

To perform either action, just start hitting left or right on the D-pad. By default in Monster Hunter Rise, you should have an option to issue a “wait” command. You can do this either in combat or in town. It functions similar to the “Let me ride!” option that calls over your Palamute to mount your Buddy. The difference is that it tells your companions to, you guessed it, wait in place. Whereas they normally follow you around the map. Just press “up” or “down” on the D-pad to activate the command.

Once they stop, approaching either type of buddy will prompt you with three new options that aren’t normally there. Note that you may also need to take a few steps forward before the icons for these choices appear!

Monster Hunter Rise High Five Shake

The three options for Palamutes are:

  1. Give Treat
  2. Pet
  3. Shake

The three options for Palicos are:

  1. Play
  2. Pet
  3. High Five

You can activate any of these using the face buttons on the controller (as indicated by the icons themselves). Just for posterity, however, we’ll mention that the buttons you want are Triangle/Y/X on a PlayStation, Xbox, or Switch controller, respectively. Pressing any of these will trigger the animation needed for Dango Connector!

You can also cancel out of these animations for whatever reason. For example, if you perform one of them by mistake mid-battle. Just perform a dodge roll in any direction. This will stop the animation (and likely disappoint your furry friends, but sometimes that’s the way it’s gotta be).

That’s really all there is to it! Dango Connector should trigger as soon as you finish the animation. After which you can make full use of the buff’s benefits. This includes a boost to your player character’s defense stat and increased effectiveness from your Buddies. That’s not bad!

Note, however, that Buddy Bond is a random dango flavor type. Similar to the Berry Safe dango that triggers “Felyne Insurance.” This means it won’t always be available for purchase at the canteen. If you really need this particular skill, you will need to go on hunts and return to camp, refreshing the list of available random ingredients.

This is all you need to know to shake or high five in Monster Hunter Rise and activate that tasty Dango Connector skill! Best of luck and happy hunting on your travels through the world of Sunbreak.