How to Remove the Virus From the Chip in Cyberpunk 2077

During The Pickup mission in Cyberpunk 2077, you’ll have the optional objective of removing a virus from the chip that’s given to you by a militech agent named Meredith Stout. You’ll need to call her on your phone to arrange a meetup. After you arrive and speak with her, she’ll give you the chip, prompting you to begin your optional objective. Removing the virus involves partaking in a mini-game. The game doesn’t make it clear how to complete it, but in this guide, we’ll show you everything you’ll need to know about getting through the mini-game to remove the virus from the chip.

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Remove the Virus From the Chip

Once you finish talking with the agent and regain control of your character, navigate away from her so you can make a manual save. You’ll definitely want to make a manual save because you only get one chance to solve the puzzle. If you fail, you’ll be locked out for good, so have a backup save just in case.

After you’ve made your save, open up your Journal and navigate down to Shards. From here, head down to Militech Datashard and press the button to Crack Security (on PlayStation it’s Square and on Xbox it’s X).

You’ll then be taken to a screen with a bunch of numbers and letters. What you have to do is match the numbers/letters shown on the right hand side of the screen. Each time you select a code, your next selection has to be perpendicular to the previous, so you have to sort of plan things out. To solve the puzzle, you must copy and neutralize the malware, which are both indicated by the letters and numbers on the right side.

The final code should be BD, BD, FF, 55, 1C, and E9. Use the image above to reference which codes to use because you can’t just pick any of them and expect them to work.

After you’ve put the code in, you’ll get a notice that reads “property of Militech. Unauthorized access is strictly prohibited.”

Now that the chip is virus free, you’ll be able to give it to Royce later on to use as payment. Otherwise, you’ll have to fight them so it’s recommended to complete this optional objective to avoid the headache.

Once you go inside the All Foods building, you’ll sit down on the couch and talk to Maelstrom. Go through the dialogue options and eventually, you’ll have the option to pay for the Flathead using the chip you just acquired — removing the need for a huge shootout. You can also use 10K eddies to pay for the Flathead, but you probably won’t have that much sitting around this early on. After you’ve acquired the Flathead, you can exit the building without having to fight Royce, though you will still need to take out the Millitech agents.

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