How to Name & Rename Your Ship in Sea of Thieves Season 7

Here's how to name or rename your own ship in Sea of Thieves.

While there are a lot of new additions in Sea of Thieves seventh season, perhaps the most exciting is the ability to name, rename, and further customize your ship. Previously, players could only adjust several aspects of their vessel such as the hull, sails, cannons, and wheel. However, this has changed in Season 7 as players can now decorate their captain’s quarters and name their ship. However, you will need quite a bit of gold if you plan on creating the pirate ship of your dreams. Here’s how to get your ship, name, and rename it in Sea of Thieves:

How to Name Your Ship

When you load up Sea of Thieves for the first time this season, select “Play,” and then pick “Adventure.” From here you will see a tab in the middle called “My Ship.” Select this and then purchase either a Sloop, Brigantine, or Galleon. These cost between 250,000-500,000 gold, so don’t expect to purchase one right away if you’re new. This won’t be an issue for veteran players, but if you’re saving your money I recommend just using the default ships available when you spawn. Once you buy a ship select the name option on the left side of the screen.

Remember, you cannot rename your ship without spending money! Make sure there are no typos or errors, otherwise, you will be stuck with it unless you decide to spend some cash. After you confirm and set sail, a pirate ghost will arrive and walk you through your new vessel. This takes around 5-10 minutes to complete and will put the name of your boat above the captain’s quarters.

Sea of Thieves Name Ship

How to Rename Your Ship

As mentioned above, if you want to rename your ship in Sea of Thieves you’ll need to spend some real-world money. Go back to the main menu and enter the Pirate Emporium. Now select the “Captaincy” tab in the top left corner and then click on the Ship Renaming Deed. From here, you will need to spend $4.99 to rename any ship you own once. This cannot be used multiple times or across multiple vessels. If you need to rename multiple ships you’ll need to buy multiple deeds.

After buying the deed, go back to the My Ship tab and then select the Rename option in the bar along the left. You can now spend your deed and put in a new name for your ship. Once you confirm, the change will automatically happen and your new vessel will be ready. All of the stats and information about the boat will remain, along with any decorations you have equipped. The only aspect of the boat that’s different is the name. This isn’t ideal, but you can earn Ancient Coins along the Premium rewards track for the Season 7 battle pass. So if you plan on purchasing this battle pass and playing a lot, you can earn enough rewards to rename your ship — it will just take a bit of time and work!

Season 7 of Sea of Thieves is officially live on Xbox and PC.