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Summons are one of the most powerful moves you can perform in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. These creatures can be called during a tough battle to quickly even the odds and take out any enemies standing in your way. While you’re given one near the start of the game, the rest will either have to be earned or found. One of the first Summons you can find is the Chocobo & Moogle Materia, which is a wind-based creature that deals a hefty amount of damage. You’ll be able to get this Materia once you make your way to Reactor 5 and are tasked with diverting power from the sun lamps to the main door.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chocobo Moogle Materia

Chocobo & Moogle Materia Location

To get this Materia, progress through Reactor 5 until you’re tasked with shutting down three additional sun lamps. Tifa will note that you should remember coming back to H-01 once you turn the power on to the lifts and doors. Keep progressing through the level until you activate two of the three sun lamps. Now head back to H-01 and enter the lift that’s directly to the right of the vending machine and blue bench.

Ride this lift over, climb up the stairs and interact with the console directly in front of you. Here’s where things get tricky, you’ll need to activate the console in the next room before the timer expires. The problem is, you’ll only be able to do this once all the enemies have been cleared out. You have one minute to enter the room, kill all the foes, and hit the button on the right side of the room. Curiously, the enemies you face change if you fail though they will be less difficult the second time you try.

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Your first attempt will be against a Queen Grashtrike and two turrets above her. Task Barret with dealing with the turrets while Cloud and Tifa focus the bug. Make use of the Blizzard spell to quickly stack on damage to its Pressured meter. Once the Grashtrike is staggered, use all three Party Members to damage and hopefully slay this enemy. If you don’t kill every enemy in time, stay in the room and finish the job before going back to the console to reset the challenge. This will cause three normal Grashstrikes to spawn instead, which is way easier to manage than the queen and turrets.

After you kill all the foes, hurry over to the console to deactivate the timer. Now just walk out the newly opened door and retrieve the Chocobo & Moogle Materia behind the fan. Remember, you can equip Summons to other Party Members, so put this on either Tifa or Barret.


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