How to Get a Quantum Computer & Magnetic Resonator in No Man’s Sky

Hello Games is back yet again with another huge update to No Man’s Sky. The Origins Update includes a heck of a lot which makes planets finally feel more alive as I talked about the other day. But it also simplifies crafting and eliminates some of the less essential items. It also introduces some new crafting items you may need to fix your ship or anything else that’s broken. Today, we’re going to talk about how to get the new Magnetic Resonators and Quantum Computers in No Man’s Sky.

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The Easiest Way

There may be multiple ways to obtain these new crafting materials, and you might want to know what those are. We’ll have those for you in a second, but here’s a quick reminder that No Man’s Sky has a system in the game to help you get the things you need.

If a broken ship specifically needs something like a Magnetic Resonator, simply click into the broken slot, hover over the thing you need and pin the item’s details. This will add a quest for the item into your logs. Then just go to your logs, make sure it’s active, and follow the instructions.

Magnetic Resonators

Thankfully there’s a way to get Magnetic Resonators from any space station. You can have a chance at getting one from the scrap dealer in the space station under Purchase Old Scrap. Come loaded with Pugneum though, it’s the only currency the scrap dealers accept.

If you’ve forgotten how to get that, just head down to a planet and start taking down sentinels. They’re the only way to get Pugneum out in the wild

How to Get Quantum Computers

If you haven’t played No Man’s Sky in some time, you’d be forgiven for not understanding how some things have changed. You can no longer simply look up an item’s recipe online and get crafting away, even for some of the more basic valuable products like Herox or Lemmium.

New recipes must be obtained from manufacturing facilities. You remember those? The buildings with locked doors where the sentinels get mad at you for breaking in. Keep doing these until you can unlock it.

To find them more reliable, take your navigation data to the cartographer aboard any space station and exchange it for planetary charts. You’ll want to select the secure sites chart since those will point to either a depot, manufacturing facility, or operations center.

If there’s anything else you’re struggling to find, just remember the pin details button on whatever you’re looking for! No Man’s Sky will hold your hand through pretty much anything if you ask it to.

Now go find the crafting materials you need so you can get that new S-Class space ship off the ground and flying through the galaxy.