How to Evolve Yamask into Runerigus – Pokemon Sword and Shield Yamask Guide

The most important part of any new Pokemon game is, well, the Pokemon themselves, and Pokemon Sword and Shield is no exception. There are 400 pocket monsters to collect in the Galar region, each with different combinations of types, move sets, IVs, and EVs. It’s a creature’s design that will endear it to the public the most, however. Sword and Shield boast several standout Pokemon designs, and many will only evolve if certain conditions are met. One of the new monsters is called Runerigus, a brand new evolution for Yamask that is exclusive to Sword and Shield. In this guide, we’ll explain where to catch Yamask in Galar and how to evolve it into Runerigus.

yamask encounter

Where to Catch Yamask

Yamask is a creature that was first introduced in Pokemon Black and White. It’s a ghost type that can evolve into Cofagrigus at level 34. Yamask is back in Sword and Shield, and this Galarian version is quite a bit different from its Unovan cousin. Design-wise, Galarian Yamask comes attached to a stone carved with a glyph rather than the creepy mask from Black and White.

In order to encounter a Yamask in Pokemon Sword and Shield, you’ll need to travel to Route 6. It’s the road that connects Hammerlocke to Stow-on-Side, where you’ll take on the fourth gym of the game. To reach Route 6, head west out of Hammerlock. Once you’re there, you’ll find Yamasks out in the field wandering the tall grass. Engage one in battle and catch it like normal.

pokemon dusty bowl archway

How to Evolve Yamask Into Runerigus

Step 1 – Make Sure Yamask Has More Than 50 HP

Once you’ve captured your Yamask, there are a couple steps you need to take in order to evolve it into Runerigus. First, you need to make sure it has a maximum HP value of over 50. If it doesn’t, you’re going to need to catch another Yamask. Once you find with with more than 50 HP, add it to your party and make sure everyone is healed up.

Step 2 – Beat Up Your Yamask

Once your Yamask is healed up, you’re going go right ahead and beat the heck out of it again. Get into a battle with a wild Pokemon and let it hit your new pet. It’s important that it takes at least 50 points of damage. You can take more damage, but there isn’t much of a point since it only technically needs to lose 49 HP. If you find that you’re struggling to take the last few points of damage without fainting, take your Yamask to an earlier area of the game, such as Route 3 or the Galar Mine.

Step 3 – Walk Under the Big Arch in the Wild Area

Once your Yamask has taken enough damage, fly on over to the Wild Area. Note: DO NOT HEAL YOUR YAMASK. It needs to stay injured for this next part to work.

The part of the Wild Area you’re looking for is called the Dusty Bowl. It’s just south of the gate to Hammerlocke, so that city is your closest fast travel point. Head on down into the desert valley area with all the stone archways and look for the biggest one around. It’s definitely hard to miss. Walk underneath the arch and your hurt Yamask should automatically evolve!

yamask evolution to runerigus

A couple notes: the level of your captured Yamask doesn’t appear to matter, and this method should work regardless of how strong or weak it is.

Also, if you’re wondering if the original Pokemon Black and White version of Yamask is in the game, it is! There’s a kind wearing an Eevee costume inside the gym in Ballonela that will trade you a Unovan-style Yamask for a Galarian one. If you level up the Unovan Yamask once, it should evolve into a Confagrigus.

And that’s how to evolve Galarian Yamask in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Did you get a Runerigus? Let us know in the comments section below!