How to Build a Base in No Man’s Sky: Beyond – Tips & Tricks

Base building is one of the core mechanics of No Man’s Sky. Bases allow you to farm, store resources, recharge your Shields, and much more! Our No Man’s Sky Base Building Guide will walk you through the quick steps to create one. It also offers some tips, tricks, and more!

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How to Make A Base

The process is actually very simple assuming you’ve completed the tutorial which asks you to do some intermediary steps.

  1. Land on a planet.
  2. Construct a Base Computer.
  3. Place the Base Computer.
  4. Press Z and start building!

If you don’t have the Base Computer you’ll need a Portable Refiner which requires 40 Chromatic Metal. That in turn comes from Copper. So get all of those and you can get your base started in no time.


Obviously you can only make items that you have blueprints for. Make a Construction Research Unit to see everything it has to offer. Each can be unlocked using Salvaged Technology which is located underground on planets. Use your visor and scan for these periodically! You’ll want to pick them up.


If you ever want to return to your base you should make sure to build a Teleportation Portal. These will allow you to warp down to your base from any other portals including those in space stations! As long as you remain in the same galaxy you can get back to any base that has a portal. You can even take the portal back to any other portals you’ve discovered!

Build Limits

There are some limits imposed on you though you aren’t likely to notice until you’ve built many bases.

  • You can build anywhere within a 150 unit cube centered around the Base Computer.
  • Each base is limited to 3,000 components.
  • You can’t have more than 20,000 components across all of your bases.

You can skirt these rules, however, by building bases closely together. They’ll technically be two separate bases, but visually they’ll be the same.

If you manage to run out of space you can delete bases in the Base Computer. When you do so everything will be erased and put inside a Base Salvage Capsule. Build this at another base to get “a percentage” of your materials back.

What Can I Do At My Base?

There’s a lot!

  • Farming
  • Create Storage Containers
  • Create terminals so you don’t have to go back to space
    • You can hire employees for these terminals which will send you on missions
      • This includes: Overseer, Scientist, Armorer, Farmer, and Technician.
  • Make Geobays, giving you access to additional Exocraft on the planet.
    • Note: If you make these Geobays, you can summon the Exocraft anywhere on the planet rather than just close to where you made the Exocraft.

Base Building Tips

  • Construct a Save Point. This is the only way to manually save the game! (You can still autosave by entering and exiting your ship)
  • Build a base in a system with multiple planet types. This will make resource gathering easier!
  • Don’t go destroying the resource deposits near your base! You can build Autonomous Mining Units which will automatically generate the resource type without destroying the deposit!
  • Build on planets that don’t have hazardous weather. It’ll save you a ton of time!

Hopefully this was helpful and good luck with your No Man’s Sky base!


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