How to Beat Teostra – Monster Hunter: World Guide

The Monster Hunter: World main quest eventually puts you at odds with a fiery Elder Dragon: Teostra. The monster can be quite intimidating, with his powerful fire moves, and you have to learn how to defeat him to get to the end of the game.

Worry not! Our guide will help you take down the Emperor of Flames. Just relax and take a look through our Teostra Monster Hunter: World guide for all the tips you need.

Unlocking the Teostra Quest in Monster Hunter: World

You come across Teostra naturally in Monster Hunter: World. You’ll need to defeat him before you can get to the final set of hunts and watch the credits roll. The Emperor of Flames first appears in the main assignment “Teostra The Infernal,” which requires you to be Hunter Rank 14. This main quest takes place in the Elder’s Recess, where the beast stalks the lower areas of the map covered in lava. This is pretty unsurprising since Teostra is a fire elemental Elder Dragon.

After this, however, you may see Teostra more often in the Wildspire Waste, near the northern end of the map. Fighting him on this map is a bit more forgiving, as you usually have more room to maneuver. Not to mention there’s no lava to deal with!

Monster Hunter Teostra Guide

Fighting Teostra in Monster Hunter: World

Teostra tends to bound around the map. That means that, while this is one large Elder Dragon, he’s also sometimes hard to hit. His weak points are the head, tail, and wings — with the head being the weakest spot. Obviously his face is also Teostra’s most dangerous end. But if you go for the tail, watch out not to hit his hind legs; they’re well armored. If your weapon sharpness isn’t white, you have a high chance of bouncing off.

Despite having wings, Teostra generally sticks to the ground for its normal attacks. The monster uses a flame attack and swipes to knock hunters away from the front, as well as a far-reaching tail swipe if you attack from behind. Teostra also scatters scales around itself, which spark for a bit before exploding.

Be careful of Teostra moving around on the ground. If the Elder Dragon changes targets and charges about, there’s a good chance he might knock you to the ground. If it happens a lot, you can get stunned and become vulnerable to his more damaging attacks. Keep your health up and try to stay out of Teostra’s way if he’s not launching a fire attack.

Teostra does take to the air at times, but if he’s not enraged, he doesn’t pose too much of a threat up there. The Elder Dragon does breathe fire, but quickly comes down with an easy-to-dodge dive. You can also launch a Flash Pod while he’s in the air to blind him and bring the beast down. Although you might want to save those for when Teostra is enraged.

Explosion Imminent

When Teostra gets enraged, he becomes much more dangerous. His flame attacks have longer range and are more damaging. The Elder Dragon will move about the area more, making him even harder to hit. After Teostra is enraged long enough, he jumps up in the air and starts charging up.

If you’re a melee character, that’s your queue to run away — Teostra is about to launch a highly damaging explosion. With Flash Pods equipped and good aim, though, you can launch a blinding shot and stop the monster’s supernova in its tracks. It even stuns him, to boot! If you’re fighting Teostra in Elder’s Recess, the Crystalburst item can also stop the special attack, but it won’t stun the monster as a Flash Pod would.

Monster Hunter Teostra Guide

Teostra Armor Set

Teostra’s armor set (unsurprisingly) provides good fire defense. That’s super useful thanks to the high volume of fire elemental creatures in Monster Hunter: World. However, it makes you weak to both ice and water, so make sure you don’t wear this set when fighting Legiana, Barroth, or Jyuratodus. Teostra armor may also be weak in the upcoming Monster Hunter: World expansion, Iceborne.

But Teostra Alpha armor set also has a great spread of skills:

  • Latent Power Level 5 – Activates when you take 180 damage and/or fight for five minutes. Grants 50 percent increased affinity and 50 percent reduced stamina depletion for 90 seconds.
  • Special Ammo Boost Level 2 – Increases the attack power of special bowgun ammo and the Dragon Piercer move by 20 percent.
  • Weakness Exploit Level 3 – Attacks that hit a monster’s weak point have 50 percent increased Affinity.
  • Blast Attack Level 3 – When using a weapon of the Blast element, Blast Buildup increases by 20 percent with a flat +10 bonus.

Equipping three or more pieces of Teostra gear gets you Teostra Technique. This special skill gives you Master’s Touch, which prevents the loss of weapon sharpness when you land a critical hit. This is a fantastic skill if you have high affinity and hit criticals often. Players with fast, multi-hit weapons (e.g. the Insect Glaive) should look into building around this skill.

The Beta set still has the same skills, just at a lower level. Although it allows more space for equipping decorations for greater customization.

Overall, the Teostra gear is great if you use a ranged weapon. Weakness Exploit works well with a weapon you can properly aim with and the Ammo Boost is always great. Combined with Master’s Touch, provided you’re not at an elemental disadvantage, you can’t really go wrong with this set.

Additional Tips to Beat Teostra

Definitely bring Flash Pods. Teostra is very susceptible to being blinded, even during his special move. Bring some Flash Pods along and you won’t be sorry. Just know that Arch-Tempered Teostra can only be blinded three or four times before becoming immune. So practice running from his nova move, too.

Elderseal can help. Elderseal is a status that can be attached to weapons or applied by firing Dragon Pods. If the seal procs, it will stop an Elder Dragon from using its enraged attacks. When Teostra becomes enraged, his fire attacks do more damage and he’s difficult to get close to. Elderseal will return Teostra to his normal self and stop his special attack, to boot.

Bring some water or ice weapons. Teostra is very weak to both the water and ice elements. Make sure your weapon has one of the two elements to do the most damage as quickly as possible.

Fireblight isn’t dangerous if you notice it. Teostra can cause Fireblight (a.k.a. burning) which affects your health recovery. However, you can remove Fireblight just by dodging three times (or just once if there’s water nearby, but this doesn’t really happen with Teostra). Stop, drop, and roll! A Nullberry will also remove the status, but there’s something more important to save those for…

Blastblight is a bit more dangerous. Blastblight will essentially cause some sparks “stick” to you. If you don’t get them off, they’ll blow up, causing damage and knocking you down. You can remove Blastblight by dodging a bunch, similar to Fireblight. Although it’s often easier to just eat a Nullberry. Either way, keep on rolling!

The Fireproof Mantle is indispensable in the Elder’s Recess. Teostra sticks to the lower areas of the Elder’s Recess, which are covered in lava. The Fireproof Mantle nullifies damage from walking on lava — as well as the effects of Fireblight and Blastblight. It even lessens the damage from Teostra’s fire attacks. You can use the Fireproof Mantle in the Wildspire Waste, too, but you don’t have the environmental hazards to deal with.

Try and break the horns. Getting up close and personal with Teostra is dangerous, but if you break his horns, you can weaken his fire abilities. Breaking off the horns also gets you an increased chance of a Teostra Gem. It’s well worth going after them!