Hitman 3 Dubai Codes Guide – Every Door & Safe Code in Dubai

The final entry in the new Hitman trilogy has finally arrived, so it’s time to dawn Agent 47’s suit one last time. Similar to previous entries, Hitman 3 will take players on a globe-spanning adventure to murder all types of dastardly deviants. There are a lot of ways to kill your targets in this game, but you will only have access to a small collection of gear when you first start This can make traversing levels pretty tricky your first time through, especially thanks to the implementation of electronic locks. To bypass these, you’ll need the correct four-digit code to open the doors. It’s different for each level and different areas within a mission will require different codes.

Here are all the codes for the Dubai level in Hitman 3:

Dubai Door Codes

Staff Door Key – 4706

You can find this code in the Staff Meeting Room. This spot can be accessed with the bartender or general staff outfit. You can only use this code on the first floor’s general staff areas, most of which can be accessed via other methods.

Third Floor Security Safe Code – 6927

Before you make your way to the penthouse, make sure to stop by the third floor’s security. Inside there is a wall safe next to some lockers by the guard in the chair. You can find the safe code on a sticky note posted on the whiteboard. Punch in 6927 to unlock the safe and obtain the VIP Evacuation Keycard. This will complete a challenge and earn you some extra experience.

Penthouse Guest Room Safe Code – 7465

Once you make your way to the penthouse, head up the second floor, and take left. At the end of the walkway, you’ll find the guest room. Use your lockpick or the penthouse key to open the door then approach the safe in the back of the room. The code for this safe is 7465 and will contain a tablet that gives you some intel experience.

Since Dubai is the opening level there aren’t a ton of codes to uncover. Most of the keys are also in super obvious locations and won’t require a ton of work from the player. That being said, I still suggest you open each safe since there will give you experience towards your Mastery Level. This means you can earn more gear and options for the next time you venture through this tower.

Additionally, you can find both the general Security Key and Penthouse Key on the second floor. You’ll want a guard disguise, so make sure to knock out one beforehand. Once you’re on the second floor, go to the east side of the building and you’ll find a second security room. Inside there will be few guards along with the Security Key on the desk to the left of the door. Use this key to open up the locked door at the end to obtain the Penthouse Keycard, along with the ability to disable all security cameras in the tower. This should be your first step in every playthrough, as these items make traversing the level way easier.


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