Hitman 3 Clues Guide – Every Clue Location & Who Killed Zachary

The final entry in the new Hitman trilogy has finally arrived, so it’s time to dawn Agent 47’s suit one last time. Similar to previous entries, Hitman 3 will take players on a globe-spanning adventure to murder all types of dastardly deviants. One of the best levels in the game takes inspiration from classic mystery novels and films such as Knives Out. Set in a massive, old English estate, Agent 47 can dawn the disguise of a detective to uncover the murderer of the family’s patriarch, Zachary. This can be a bit tricky and there are a few different avenues you can take to try and get an audience alone with your target.

Additionally, there are clues scattered all throughout the manner and it’s easy to miss many of them if you don’t have a keen eye. Here’s where to find every clue and how to correctly solve the Darkmoor murder.

Clue Locations

Zachary’s Room Clues

  • Suicide Note – You can find the suicide note on the right side of the room next to the fireplace. It will be resting on a small table covered with bottles and books.
  • Zachary’s Laptop – From the suicide note, turn around and approach the laptop on the desk. Inspect the laptop to learn that Zachary was doing some shopping the night before.
  • Zachary’s Body – Approach Zachary’s dead body in the bed and use your camera to scan it.
  • Whiskey Bottle – Directly next to Zachary you can scan the bottle of booze on his nightstand.
  • Hidden Passage – Now go to the other side of the room and use your Assassin Vision to detect an interactable book. Tug the book to reveal a secret passage.
  • Estate Floor Plans – Finally, pick up the floor plans along the oneway window in the secret passage.

Mr. Fernsbys’ Office Clues

  • Mr. Fernsbys’ List – You can find this list on his desk
  • Zachary’s Half-Burnt Diary – Directly behind the butler’s desk you can find the diary in the fireplace.
  • Pain Killers – The final clue is located on the windowsill across from the butler’s desk. You can now frame the butler for the murder if you want.
  • Master Key – This isn’t a clue, but you shouldn’t definitely grab it as it lets you into any room in the mansion.

Emma & Gregory’s Room

  • Bulldog Cane – I’m not entirely sure why this is a clue, but you can find the cane right by the door to their bedroom.
  • Muddy Shoes – To the left of the fireplace you’ll find a pair of muddy high-heels. Scan these with your camera to earn another clue.
  • Letter From Emma’s Mother – Your next clue is a letter which is tucked in some folders on the nightstand next to the bed. Approach the nightstand and pick up the letter for some juicy family drama details.
  • Greenhouse Key – The final clue in this room is a key lying next to the luggage near the fireplace. This item can be easy to miss so use your Assassin Vision to spot it.

Rebecca’s Room

  • Rebecca’s Laptop – When you enter the room, go to the laptop on the center table and interact with it.
  • Rebecca’s Notes – Another easily missed clue, bring out your camera and scan the documents on the ottoman by the fireplace.


  • Lab Equipment – To fix the lab equipment you’ll need a wrench. Head out to the large fountain and you should see the wrench resting on the stone outer layer.
  • Poison Chart – Once you’ve repaired the equipment use your camera to scan the open book on the left side of the table.


  • Emma & Gregory – You can find Emma and Gregory hanging out in the Sitting Room.
  • Edward – Edward can be found playing the piano in the dining room. He will confirm the alibi given for himself and Gregory.
  • Rebecca – Rebecca is typically walking between the Sitting Room and the Trophy Room
  • Patrick – Finally, Patrick hangs around the Library, but to confirm his alibi you’ll need to speak to Rosie who is a blonde maid crying in the Staff Room.

Who’s the Culprit?

With all of the data gathered, you can speak to the butler and tell him you’re ready to talk with Alexa. He will lead you up to her office where you’re asked to wait for her. Once she arrives, you will be given three options for concluding the case, but only Emma is the right suspect. After picking Emma, Alexa will ask what you want your reward to be, so select the Case File. She will give you the notes for all your hard work and then go hang out on the balcony alone. Throw her over the edge and make a quick exit. If you hid your bodies this should be an easy five-star mission.


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