Hitman 3 Angry Birdy Guide – How to Make Carl Ingram Play Golf

The final entry in the new Hitman trilogy has finally arrived, so it’s time to dawn Agent 47’s suit one last time. Similar to previous entries, Hitman 3 will take players on a globe-spanning adventure to murder all types of dastardly deviants. Once you’ve exhausted all of the Mission Stories, players will be encouraged to complete challenges in each level. Doing so will earn you XP towards your next Mastery Rank, unlocking new gear and options for specific maps. Some of these are fairly straightforward, while others can be a little more complex and force you to really play around in the environment.

Enter Angry Birdy, a Dubai challenge that tasks you will killing Carl Ingram via an explosive golf ball. The catch is Carl won’t play golf in his normal loop, forcing you to figure out how to move him to this area. Thankfully, it’s easier than it seems, but definitely missable if you don’t know what to look for.

How to Make Carl Play Golf

To make Carl go play golf on the roof you will need to disrupt him while he’s working twice in a row. The problem is, Hitman 3 doesn’t really tell you how to do this unless you’re listening to the guards. That being said, you’ll need to first unlock the Explosive Golf Ball to even complete Angry Birdy. Just reach Level 10 in the Dubai Mastery to obtain this weapon and add it to Agent 47’s collection. Once you have it, make your way to the penthouse and go outside on the balcony. Approach the collection of golf balls and add Agent 47’s explosive lookalike to the group.

After doing this, head inside the penthouse and try to obtain either an Elite Guard uniform or a Penthouse Staff outfit. This will make traversing the area much easier — especially if you’re not going for Suit Only. Wait for Carl to make his way down to the first floor of the penthouse and enter the study. He will now sit at his desk to begin recording his notes. Go to the radio to his left and switch it on. This will cause a disturbance, frustrating Carl and forcing him to abandon going downstairs entirely.

After throwing a temper tantrum, Carl will go to the penthouse suite to attempt to finish his work. Don’t be like me and think Carl is going to eventually come downstairs again. I waited 20 minutes and Carl never went back downstairs, so you’ll need to go up to the second floor. Once Carl is in his bedroom, wait outside until the hallway is clear of guards and turn on the vacuum in the corner (shown above). Carl will lose his cool once again and proclaim he’s going to just play golf instead. Follow him outside and enjoy the show as Carl hits the Explosive Golf Ball, killing him instantly and completing the Angry Birdy challenge.

This is a fairly easy challenge to complete, so I definitely recommend completing it once you’ve unlocked this explosive device. Just make sure to stand away from Carl when he swings otherwise you’ll get caught in the blast!


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