Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Vehicles Guide – Best Vehicles, Vehicle Locations

Auroa, the fictional island chain that plays host to Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is bloody massive. Ubisoft haven’t given exact measurements, but they did say it’s roughly the same size as the map in Ghost Recon: Wildlands. That map was 24km by 24km. So, at a decent jogging pace, it’s going to take you over three hours to cross it. Screw that, we need a ride. Luckily, there are a ton of vehicles to choose from, so here’s our Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Vehicle Guide.

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Land, Sea, & Air

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint features vehicles of all sizes and shapes, including cars, motorbikes, trucks, APCs, helicopters, planes, and boats. Some vehicles are more useful than others though. As we mentioned in our Tips and Tricks guide, motorbikes are deathtraps so don’t bother going near them.

Cars, trucks, and APCs are all great if you need to get somewhere nearby or if you’re planning to raid a base, but for long distance travel you should grab a helicopter (or just fast travel). Helicopters are also the way to go in the many mountainous regions of Auroa, unless you want to spend ages driving up winding paths.

Boats can be fun but are naturally limited by their waterborne nature. If you want to go exploring down a river or fancy a trip to one of the more remote islands, then they’re okay (but, again, helicopters do everything better than them). The only time you want to steer clear of helicopters is if you’re approaching a base with anti-air defenses like SAM sites.

Buy or Borrow?

At the beginning of the game, you start with the Overseer helicopter and Landscape MK II pickup truck unlocked. The Landscape is a pretty standard truck with four seats and a Gatling gun mounted on top for a fifth occupant to fire. The Overseer is a nimble little chopper. It doesn’t have any weapons, but it’s perfect for moving around the islands. If you want something with a bit more boom, then you’ll have two choices – buy or steal.

Stealing a new vehicle comes with the advantage that it’s free – you buy now, pay never! The problem is that there’s no way to save stolen vehicles. If you lose it or it’s destroyed, then it’s gone forever. Buying vehicles is expensive, with the most expensive helicopter gunship, the Opheis Mk II, costing a whopping 55,000 Skell Credits. Likewise, the IC-8 Incursion APC will set you back an eye-watering 75,000 Skell Credits. It’s a one-time cost though, and once you own a vehicle you can call it in to any Bivouac on the map. 

Skell Credits are earned by completing missions. They are also found in collectible crates throughout Auroa, so get dumpster diving if you want to scrounge together enough cash to buy a new ride. Finally, it’s worth noting that some vehicles can’t be bought and must be stolen. This includes a lot of the civilian vehicles, all airplanes, and all boats (presumably because all the Bivouacs are on land, so you can’t call a boat in anywhere).  

Road Trip

If you’re playing in co-op then larger vehicles become a more interesting prospect, as many of them have secondary weapons that can only be fired by the passengers. If you’re planning on mounting up as a group, then there are a couple of vehicles you should consider:

  • Landscape Mk II Pickup Truck: As mentioned earlier, you start with this truck unlocked and it’s a pretty solid choice if you want to get the whole squad in one vehicle. It’s quick, maneuverable, and the top-mounted gun gives you some firepower.
  • Gyps Standard: This heavy-duty transport helicopter comes with no weapons for the pilot, but there are two side-mounted Gatling guns which passengers can fire. This can be bought for 15,000 Skell Credits or stolen from numerous enemy bases.

Best Enemy Vehicle Locations

We don’t have a comprehensive list of every location for every vehicle just yet (have you seen the size of this game?), but we can give you a leg up with some guaranteed spawn locations for the most powerful vehicles to get you started:

  • Gyps Standard – Transport helicopter with two crew-mounted Gatling guns – Found in Liberty Airport (Liberty Province), Auroa Airport (Infinity Province) & Maunga Nui Port (Smuggler Coves Province)
  • Deinos Standard – Two-seater Helicopter gunship equipped with Gatling gun and rockets – Fen Bog Testing Facility (Fen Bog Province) & Blue Viper Outpost (New Stirling Province).
  • IC-8 Incursion APC – we’ve yet to find a reliable spawn for this bad boy yet. It may become more common later into the campaign, but for now you’re going to have to buy one.

If you’re unsure of where to find a vehicle, check the map. Each location has a symbol on it denoting what kind of vehicles are found there. It won’t tell you the specific model, but you can tell at a glance if you’ll be able to find a jeep or helicopter there. As a rule, the bigger the settlement, the better the vehicles you’ll find in there.

Battle Rewards

There are also several vehicles that can only be unlocked via the Battle Rewards system. So far these are just cosmetic variations of existing vehicles (such as a Snow Camo Opheis Helicopter). For a full explanation of how Battle Rewards work and how to unlock them, check out our Faction Mission and Battle Rewards Guide.