Genshin Impact Windblume Flower Choice Guide – Which One to Pick

Towards the end of your Windblume event quest in Genshin Impact, Jean will ask you to pick one of six different flowers to offer on behalf of Mondstadt. This is meant as your final offering during the Windblume Festival. But which one should you pick? Does it change how Jean reacts to you? Will it affect anything in the long term? In this guide, we’ll tell you what happens when you choose each flower so you know which selection you want to make when the time comes.

Genshin Impact Windblume Flower Choices

When making your selection, it’s worth noting that the only thing that changes if Paimon’s response. Jean doesn’t react any differently in any of the scenarios. As it stands, it doesn’t look like this affects Mondstadt at all, either.

  • Dandelion – Paimon: Ah, throwing your weight behind one of the people’s favorites! Windblumes must be dandelions after all!
  • Windwheel Aster – Paimon: Ah, throwing your weight behind one of the people’s favorites! Windblumes must be Windwheel Asters after all!
  • Cecilia – Paimon: Oh! Same idea as Beatrice, Cecilias for Windblumes. Pretty niche, but not without advocates!
  • Small Lamp Grass – Paimon: Oh! Same idea as Nimrod, Small Lamp Grass for Windblumes… A flower to light up the dark.
  • Sweet Flower – Paimon: Oh! Same idea as Sucrose, Sweet Flowers for Windblumes. A flower that has lasted through the ages!
  • Wolfhook – Paimon: Oh! Same idea as Razor, Wolfhooks for Windblumes. Spiky and tingly!

As you can see, there’s not much difference here. Just pick the “flower” that you like the most. I’m still not entirely convinced that Wolfhook is an adequate flower here.

Genshin Impact Mondstadt Wind Event

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How Do I Unlock This?

The Festive Anecdotes is a series of 12 quests with Primogems, EXP, and Mora as a reward. They are now all available and expire on April 5. The flower selection prompt occurs at the end of Act IV: Dream of Wind and Flowers.

  • Act I: Ode to Flower and Cloud (Available starting March 19)
  • Act II: Missive of Cloud and Fog (Available starting March 22)
  • Act III: Realm of Fog and Wind (Available starting March 25)
  • Act IV: Dream of Wind and Flowers (Available starting March 28)

Event Rewards

You can earn a total of 1,000 Primogems and collect Peculiar Collab Coupons and Festive Tour Tickets. Rewards include the Windblume Festival Commemorative Balloon which you can release and then shoot. That’s all it does. There’s also the Windsong Lyre which lets you freely play music as you wish.

The complete list of rewards are:

  • Windblume Ode (4-Star Bow)
  • Windsong Lyre (Musical Trinket)
  • Windblume Festival Commemorative Balloon (Trinket)
  • The Visible Winds (Refinement Material for Windblume Ode)
  • Crown of Insight (Legendary Talent Material)
  • Dust of Azoth
  • Weapon Ascension Materials
  • Character EXP Material
  • Talent Level-Up Materials
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • Mora

You earn Peculiar Collab Coupons from Peculiar Wonderland and Festive Tour Tickets from the Festive Challenges. You’ll need to do both if you want to earn the maximum rewards.


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