Genshin Impact: Nameless Treasure Guide – Locations & Solutions

The Nameless Treasure is no ordinary Genshin Impact quest. It won’t show up in your Journal, and the story will not lead you there. But although it’s hard to find, it is both fun and rewarding to do this secret quest. There are three different Nameless Treasures. Note that you may already have some of them in your inventory. If you can’t remember where you got them, you can just visit all three locations again. The order doesn’t matter.

Nameless Treasure in Qingxu Pool

You need a Geo character in your party to complete this part of the hidden quest. If you don’t have Noelle, Ningguang, or Zhongli yet, make sure to change Traveler to the Geo Element by going to a Statue of the Seven in the Liyue region first.

To find the Nameless Treasure, travel to the location indicated in the picture. Once you are there, you will see several stone buildings on the high rocks surrounded by water. You need to find 5 Geo signs and use a Geo ability on them. Doing so will look like this:

These are all five Geo symbol locations:

  • The edge of the stone platform in the middle (between two small pillars).
  • Beneath the roof of every stone building. There are four in total, all located next to each other. Beware that while the others have their Geo symbol directly beneath the roof, the second highest building has its symbol one floor lower.

Return to the platform in the middle once you’ve activated them all. This is the same spot as where you activated one of the Geo symbols. There’s a Luxurious Chest waiting to be opened! The Nameless Treasure, as well as other rewards, is inside.

Nameless Treasure in the Dunyu Ruins

This part of the secret quest requires both a Geo and a Pyro character in your party. If you have those, head to the Dunyu Ruins (northwest of Liyue Harbor, see picture). You might spot some blue Seelies in this area. If you happen to be close to them, start guiding them as you will need to complete this later on.

The first thing you need to do is light the four torches by using a Pyro attack on them. This is where you find them:

  • Next to the Geo pillar.
  • On the high stone pillar next to the Geo pillar.
  • In the water.
  • The final one & only one not captured in the picture, can be found by jumping through the open square in the middle of the ruin. Turn you back towards the lake, and you will see the torch on top of a staircase. Watch out for the Ruin Guard; standing in front will activate him.

After doing this, you can use a Geo attack on the Geo pillar. This will cause the lake to disappear, revealing a valley with a small pond and a Luxurious Chest in the middle. But beware: if you think you can just glide over there and collect your Nameless Treasure, you’re wrong (trust me, I’ve tried).

How to Find the Dunyu Ruins’ Seelies

The Luxurious Chest is guarded by a shield. It will only disappear once you’ve collected three blue Seelies. These are the locations:

  • Next to the Ruin Guard; almost the same spot as the torch.
  • Close to the Geo pillar; this one will float to the same spot behind the Ruin Guard before being guided to its socket.
  • On the opposite side of the valley; do the challenge to free the Seelie (see picture).

The challenge will spawn four Slimes. After defeating them, the Seelie is freed. However, it will fly up when you get close, so you need to go after it. Climb the wall and jump through the window to the second floor, then touch the Seelie again. Quick sidenote; male characters do not seem to fit through the window, so swap to a female character first.

The shield will now (finally!) be broken. Open the Luxurious Chest to collect your well-deserved Nameless Treasure!

Nameless Treasure in Lingju Pass.

The third and final Nameless Treasure is located in Lingju Pass, west of Liyue Harbor. Unlike the other two, this treasure is found by completing a side quest called “And the Treasure Goes To…” You can unlock it by going to the location indicated in the picture, freeing an NPC, and then looking for the Luxurious Chest buried beneath a giant golden tree. If you want more details, or you want to make sure not to miss out on this short story, you can follow our full quest guide.

Where to Sell Nameless Treasures

Once you collect all three, head back to Liyue Harbor. You can sell the Nameless Treasures to Linlang, who is located left of the Jewellery store. Make sure you go there at night; Linlang is not present during the day.

Linlang will give you Primogems and Mora, and your Nameless Treasure quest is completed!


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