Genshin Impact Lisa Gift Guide – Troublesome Work Quest Correct Gifts

There comes a point in the Genshin Impact story where Lisa complains about overdue library books. Naturally, it’s going to be your job to help her out around Mondstadt, chasing down villagers to get them back. Based on your dialogue choices, however, it actually kind of, sort of, becomes a date? Lisa just dismisses it as youthful fantasies, but then the game does go ahead and make you buy her a gift, choose her food, and get her flowers. While the decisions you make don’t affect anything in the long run, they do make a difference during the quest itself. That said, here are all of the correct gifts for the Troublesome Work quest.

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Troublesome Work Quest – Lisa Date

It’s important to note that this quest is the first time in Genshin Impact where some of the choices will be hidden from you. These display as three question marks and choosing one of them simply brings you right back to the prompts. You can uncover these other answers by backing out of the conversation and talking to people how might be more knowledgeable on the subject. For example, when you go to buy flowers, you need to back out and speak to Donna about Lisa’s taste in flowers in order to unlock the right dialogue choice.

With Wind Comes Glory Shop

The choice here should be obvious as Lisa is a librarian. Of course she’d appreciate an old scroll! It just happens to be related to something of importance to her.

  • Bloomers
  • Ragged Old Scroll – Correct Answer
  • Voodoo Doll (Hidden)
  • Rusty Sword (Hidden)

Good Hunters Food Stall

If you talk to the vendor, she’ll tell you Lisa is a vegetarian which may unlock the Radish Veggie Soup option. This is the correct choice because it’s both vegetarian and is like a cauldron, I guess, since Lisa is a witch.

  • Smoked Chicken
  • Radish Veggie Soup – Correct Answer
  • Steak (Hidden)
  • Satisfying Salad (Hidden)

Flower Merchant Stall

When you first talk to Donna, you’ll be given the choice of flowers to give to Lisa. At first only two options are available, but if you back out and go talk to the actual merchant stall and talk to the vendor, she’ll let you know that Lisa likes Cecilias.

  • Dandelion
  • Mist Flower
  • Rose (Hidden)
  • Cecilia (Hidden) – Correct Answer

Again, none of this actually has an affect on anything other than Lisa’s responses to you during this quest. It’s certainly a bit fan-servicey of MiHoYo to include it, but hey, you do you.

Afterward, you’ll have to use your elemental tracking to find the last book which has left Mondstadt. You’ll have to stop a few times along the way to talk to Lisa before you discover a secret hideout which needs to be cleared. The recommended party level is 19, so you may need to do some additional grinding before your powered up enough to clear it with ease.