Genshin Impact Free Characters Guide – How to Get Six Free Characters

There are currently a total of 23 different characters in Genshin Impact. As a gacha game, collecting them all is exceedingly rare, something only the most dedicated players are likely to manage without an inordinate amount of time, luck, or cash. Thankfully, MiHoYo has set up the game to give players a decent number of characters for free! All it takes is some effort and dedication to get through the story. Here are all of the free characters currently and instructions on how to unlock them.

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Genshin Impact Free Characters


Amber is the first character you’ll get in the game during the introduction. Sadly, she’s one of the worst so you’ll want to shelve her as soon as possible. Most players really only use her to light fire sconces from a distance. Her Explosive Puppet skill is lackluster and her Fiery Rain skill only lasts a measly two seconds.


You’re able to get Lisa early on via the Sparks Amongst the Pages quest which has a recommended adventure rank of five. Her ability can either release a homing lightning orb or call down lightning in an AOE around her. And her ultimate, Lightning Rose, is essentially a powered up version of that which lasts for 15 seconds. It’s a good way to control an area around you, but it just doesn’t pack as much of a punch as other character’s do.

You should still complete the quest, however. Free is free!


Kaeya can be earned at the same time as Lisa, except in the Crash Course quest. It has the same rank five adventure rank requirement. His abilities are super straightforward. He has a regular attack which when charged unleashes a few strikes at once. His elemental skill throws out three cryo balls which explode on impact and his ultimate summons spikey icicles which rotate around him, dealing damage whenever they impact a foe.


While Noelle technically isn’t free, per se, she’s a guaranteed drop during your first 10-set pull from the Beginner’s Banner, only available to new players. With the fates given to you, she has an opportunity cost more than anything.

She’s got a two-handed sword, an ability which provides a shield, and an AEO smash. Most of her skills also scale off of her defense, rather than her attack.


Okay, now we’re talking. Barbara is a seriously good character and all you need to do is have a character that was created before Version 1.1! As long as you do, you’ll get her in the mail once you achieve adventure rank 20.

Her Let the Show Begin causes it to rain in the nearby area, making enemies WET for further elemental combinations. It also has an added affect of causing her basic attacks to heal. Her ultimate, Shining Miracle, on the other hand it just a tremendous HP burst for everyone in your party. It provides nearly 20 percent of maximum HP to all four members and only costs 80 energy.


Xiangling is the hardest character to obtain and the last on our list. Not only do you need to hit adventure rank 20, but you’ll need to complete Floor 3, Chamber 3 of an abyss challenge to unlock her. Just navigate to her page in the Events tab and click Enter the Abyss when you’re ready! This event is set to never expire, so no need to rush!

Her spear attacks are fast and fun, her panda summon deals continuous fire damage to any targets around, and her ultimate is a Pyronado that circles you, dealing increasing fire damage the more it hits a specific target.


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