Genshin Impact Investigate the Ruin Guide – Puzzle Solutions & Locations

At some point in your Genshin Impact adventures, you’ll probably stumble upon a location near Qingce Village that kickstarts The Chi of Guyun mission. In it, you’re tasked with gathering three mysterious fragments related to the origins of the village. From the highest point in Qingce Village, to nearby ruins, and the many Geo Statues to the west of town, here’s where to find the puzzles and how to solve them!

How to Start The Chi of Guyun

This is a unique quest in that there are three separate ways to start the quest: all of which involve stumbling upon one of the three puzzles or a specific character. If you want get this in your log, we personally recommend using the teleporter to the west of Qingce Village. Turn around, climb up to the ledge above, and enter the shrine to discover your first puzzle. After completing this, you’ll have the quest proper and can follow the next steps!

Chongyun looking at location of Geo Statue Puzzle for this quest

Geo Statue Puzzle

Another reason we’re starting you here is it’s also the easiest of the three puzzles. Read the clue and solve the puzzle by activating the statues in the order indicated. That is: North, Southeast, Northwest, Northeast, and Southwest. Just use your directional arrow and map to figure out which is which!

Highest Point in Qingce Village

After heading into town and talking to granny, she describes two more locations to be found. Of course, if you’ve started the quest via one of these other steps, you’ll instead need to go do the Geo Statue Puzzle.

There are few things more frustrating than wasting a bunch of time climbing to the wrong place. The good news is we’ve already found the puzzle’s location. Just head to the map point below.

Image showing the highest location in Qingce Village on the Genshin Impact map

Once you walk up to the beam it’ll describe four different locations and you’ll need to activate the statues that are looking at these places. The Wind Swept Ruin it mentions is Stormterror’s Lair which you can see in the distance, though it’s obscured by a tree. You should be able to see it swirling with blue wind energy. The snow capped peak is just off to the right of the peak you jumped down from. Adeptis Abode is the very obvious tree house. The final clue says you want the statue looking at the City of Liyue, but it’s not really looking at the Port of Liyue at all. Rather, it’s looking at the tall cliffs in the distance. Use the pictures below as a reference.

Fischl looking at the Wind Swept Ruin
Stormterror’s Lair – Wind Swept Ruin
Fischl looking at the Snow Capped Peak
Snow Capped Peak
Fischl looking at Adeptis Abode
Adeptis Abode
Fishl looking at the City of Liyue statue
City of Liyue

Ruins Location

The final location is the ruins which are located south of Qingce Village. If you follow the road from Stone Gate, down along the coast, you’ll encounter a split in the road. It’s here that you’ll run into Yan’er who talks about the ruins ahead. Once you’ve spoken to them, the location will be marked on your quest log.

You’ll first need to fight a Ruin Hunter before being able to interact with the spire of light. Once you do, you’ll be prompted with the super useful hints of: “Foul blood something something formed stone. Strange stone.”

Great. The good news is all you actually have to do is visit each of the three nearby locations with glowing orange gems sticking out of the ground. Order doesn’t matter! Just visit each.

Finishing Up

And that’s it for the puzzles! After that you just head back to granny who will direct you to a waterfall. There you’ll go through a pretty hefty combat encounter where you fight yet another Ruin Hunter, then three at once while defending a structure. After that a more aggressive, floaty Ruin Hunter will join the fray as you final obstacle. Don’t be afraid to let the structure be destroyed, you’ll just have to try again, there are no penalties.