The 11 Best Sims 4 Gameplay Mods (July 2021)

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The list of possible Sims 4 mods is basically endless. You can spend hours and hours looking through various websites, trying to find out whether a given mod is useful or just a waste of time. Over dozens of hours, we’ve tested a plethora of mods and hand-picked the ones most worthy of your attention. Through some trial and error, we’ve also listed which mods contradict each other and won’t function if both are installed at the same time. Here are the best Sims 4 gameplay mods to download:

Food Mods

Srsl’s Complete Cooking Overhaul 

If you want to take cooking to the next level, this is the mod you want. It allows you to purchase things from your phone with a whole new “shop for” category is broken down into drinks, flowers, fish, groceries, veggies, herbs, and fruit. You can buy things like chicken nuggets, cooking oil, canned goods, and butter. It’s much more detailed than the default game ever gets. You can even stack your groceries on display in your kitchen, which is a great blend between clutter and functionality. Imagine that, usable Sims decorations. Who would have ever thought this day would come?

Once you’ve ordered your groceries they’ll come in packages, but you actually have to open those up to then be able to store them wherever you want. But please, open the packages! For the longest time, I thought my version was broken because I didn’t get an interaction to use the items. 

You also get a grocery store to visit, but the creator is still figuring out functionality and interactions with items inside of the store so I’m sure we’ll see that in a future update. 

Grannies Cookbook 

This cookbook contains many comfort food recipes which you unlock as you level up your cooking skill. The very first recipe you get is collard greens and cornbread and let me tell you I have never wanted to eat cornbread more in my life than when my Sim made it. You end up with more dessert recipes than meals, but they do not disappoint. It also comes with some quick meals, such as canned chicken soup and canned tomato soup for when you’re in a hurry. I’m serious when I say this will remind you of your grandma. This mod thankfully does not contradict the Custom Food or Drink Menu, so tack on all the new recipes you can!

Romance Mods

Road to Romance

This is by far the number one mod for romance. For many players, falling in love is too easy of a process in the Sims 4. It’s almost effortless to go through all the stages of dating, engagement, and marriage. With the road to romance mod, you have to work, and I mean work, to level up your relationship with another character. 

The mod provides you with a huge amount of new interactions. You can develop your own Romance Skill and a Cheat Skill, your Sims can feel “Affectionate,” they can now go to counseling (couples or singles), and go on Rabbit Hole Dates with their partners. You also have the option of going on Online Dates, which pairs nicely with the Sim DaDating App mod that you can download separately. What really took me by surprise was how intricate the leveling up of the romance skill was. Each level unlocks new interactions and makes everyday gameplay even more fun.

There are three different versions of downloads for this mod but do not download all three. Version A is the original, Version B comes with restrictions and Version C comes with no restrictions. Restrictions mean exactly how easy or hard you want your sims to work for love. With Version C it’s as easy to level up in the base game, but you still get all the new interactions and mood effects with the mod. On the modthesims site, it goes more in-depth on the restrictions but if you still have no idea which one to get, I recommend sticking to Version A. 

WooHoo Wellness PT.1 

In the base game, only young adults or adults can get pregnant and you can have a child with practically anyone, again, so long as you are in the specific age range. With WooHoo Wellness you can also have realistic risky woohoos that is basically like rolling the dice of pregnancies. By default, I believe teens can become pregnant also, just a warning. 

There is a range of emotions your Sims can go through with their partner during an unwanted pregnancy. You have the options of getting an abortion, going to couples counseling for the unwanted pregnancy, and even going to a parenthood class. 

This mod pairs well with the Personality Please mod. The personality mod gives your Sims some major autonomy and it’s pretty adaptive in giving you various interactions based on your relationship with other sims, their personalities, and moods. The interactions between your sims and their partner is significantly increased as well as self-interactions. You can also plan for pregnancy with your partner. It’s pretty realistic gameplay and provides a layer of depth you just can’t find in the base games. 

Mods for Parents


Personally, I feel like playing with children in your Sims household is mundane. You typically have to focus and make sure their needs are fulfilled while leveling up skills and having good grades so that they are ready for college. They can’t even handle money or make purchases until they’re older. There isn’t too much to say about this mod besides the fact that it creates more of a dynamic in the parenting portion of The Sims gameplay. It makes the interaction between you and your child a bit more realistic. You can set the number as high and low as you would like or not set it at all. If you complete chores, you can reward your sims with an allowance.

Education Overhaul 

This is the holy grail with toddlers and the educational system in general. Before this, you had to hire a nanny for your toddlers if your Sims had to work, but now, you can just as easily ship them off to daycare or preschool. By selecting this option, your Sims toddler also has the ability to learn various skills. 

Private School

Now, this mod takes me back to the Sims 2 with its ability to put your Sims kids into private school. So far, there is not a benefit in enrolling your Sims into a private school, but it’s a great way to relive the older games. If you remember anything from that time, the schematics are similar to inviting the headmaster over and impressing him so that your child can enter a private school. You pay tuition and can remove your child from private school as well. 

18+ ONLY Mods

Basemental/Basemental Gangs

Live your best Breaking Bad life in the Sims 4. The basemental download incorporates all the paraphernalia you can think of as well as new traits like addiction. The pack also comes with content for you to apply to your Sims such as dark circles and powdered noses. You can even grow your own weed supply. With Basemental Gangs, you can assign NPCs to belong to certain gangs and join one yourself. Mix this with the Extreme Violence mod for an even added extra fun. 

Extreme Violence 

I’m gonna preface this by saying I am not a violent or homicidal person, but the brutality of this mod gives me such Mortal Kombat vibes, that I couldn’t pass this up. The name speaks for itself. There are some pretty gruesome ways of killing Sims. You can send an NPC to their very untimely death and the animations are delicious.

WooHoo Wellness PT.2 

This download makes woohooing in the Sims 4 possibly as risky as woohooing in the real world. With this mod you have the introduction to WooHoo transmitted diseases (WTDs) and a wide range of moods that affect you after contracting a WTD. You can ask other Sims about their health, take fertility tests to see if a risky woohoo can lead to a pregnancy, as well have periods! 

I was most excited to see this, you can order pads and tampons, pills for period symptoms, even birth control! You get various moods dependent on symptoms like premenstrual and going through your period cycle. Again, some pretty realistic gameplay. 

Wicked Whims 

Now, in all honesty, I thoroughly contemplated not writing about this but seeing as this IS a mod I downloaded, I think it’s only appropriate to end this guide with Wicked Whims. As many in the Sims community know, this mod enables nudity, removing the blurry pixelated effect.


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