Fire Emblem: Three Houses – What Do the Beginning Choices Mean?

The most important choice you make early on in Fire Emblem: Three Houses is which house you take on as your students. But even before that, you’ll have to answer a few other questions. In the game’s first battle, you’ll be pulled out of the action by a character with the power to stop time who seems to live inside of your head. Before she rewinds time to save your life, she’ll ask you a couple of questions. And of course, players are curious as to what effects their answers might have on the game.

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Fire Emblem Three Houses Male Byleth

Fire Emblem Three Houses — Ghost, Demon, or Mortal

The first question this character asks you is “what are you?” You have three potential responses: a ghost, a demon, or a mortal. It seems like this choice might have some impact on the story down the line, but it turns out it doesn’t. Choosing “ghost” or “demon” simply gets you told off. So no, there won’t be some great reveal halfway through the story that you were actually a supernatural creature the whole time. And it won’t even affect Byleth’s appearance ala Animal Crossing. Say you’re a mortal and move on.

Fire Emblem Three Houses — Birthday

Your birthday, however, does actually have an impact on the game. When your birthday rolls around, you’ll get an item that increases your stats slightly. Otherwise, it doesn’t have any real impact.

It’s important to note that the game features its own calendar and timeline which isn’t tied to the real world and moves fairly rapidly, so your birthday will hit sooner or later regardless of when you set it. That said, if you want that item earlier rather than later, set your birthday to something like the sixth or seventh moon.

Other characters also have their own birthdays in the game, when you’ll have the opportunity to send them flowers to increase your affinity towards one another.

Finally, as you may have guessed, the character who asks your birthday will always have the same birthday as you.

Fire Emblem Three Houses — Favorite House

Lastly, after you complete the first battle and are introduced to the leaders of the three houses, they’ll ask you which is your favorite. This is not when you pick which House you’ll be leading for the rest of the game. Instead, it simply increases your affinity with whoever you side with. The real choice will come later on at the monastery.

So that’s it for the opening questions of Fire Emblem: Three Houses! Sadly, there aren’t as many secrets lurking in them as players might have expected. That said, the rest of the game is so packed with activities, characters, and battles, that it doesn’t really matter. Be sure to check out the rest of our Fire Emblem: Three Houses guides and coverage.