Final Fantasy 7 Remake Hell House Guide – How to Beat the Hell House Boss in FF7

One of the single weirdest enemies in the history of this series makes its glorious return in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Tied to the colosseum tournament, the Hell House is the last enemy that Cloud and Aerith have to face in order to win. This multi-stage boss not only boasts a plethora of unique attacks, but it will force players to constantly switch up their elemental damage if they want to stagger this foe. The house also hits extremely hard, especially in its later stages when it drastically reduces your damage output during specific moments. This makes the Hell House one of the trickiest bosses in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, especially if you don’t have a lot of elemental Materia leveled up.

Hell House Boss Fight Walkthrough

Before the fight begins it’s imperative you have a Fire, Ice, Wind, and Lightning Materia equipped on either Aerith or Cloud. We also recommend having Aerith run Cure since this is a solid healing spell and Cloud will be the main focus of the house for the majority of the battle. Additionally, while the Fat Chocobo is a solid option, we found that either Ifrit or Shiva was better suited to battling this boss. Mainly because the big bird can’t keep up with the house’s mobility.

The big trick to damaging and staggering this boss is using the correct elemental spells against the house as it shifts through forms. Throughout the fight, the house will change between being Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Wind-based, making it susceptible to opposing elements. Here’s a quick reference for each element the house will become and what that weakness is:

  • Fire – Weak to Ice
  • Ice – Weak to Fire
  • Wind – Weak to Lightning
  • Lightning – Weak to Wind

Because of this, you’ll want to watch the house carefully, as it will change elements constantly, forcing you to use different spells. The element also determines the type of attack the house does, which gives you time to counter its moves. So when the house is burning, you know it will launch flaming chairs at Cloud while the Lightning version charges in an attempt to stun the player. The Wind version will always attempt to suck a party member inside of it and Ice jumps up to the stands and launches projectiles.

To stagger the house during the first half of the fight, use a combination of Aerith’s Arcane Wand and magical spells to raise the Pressured meter. Try to keep some distance between you and house (even if that means recasting Arcane Wand), since this boss has a strong Area of Effect (AOE) attack. Once you Stagger the boss, use a combination of Cloud’s sword Abilities to hack away at Hell House’s health bar. I really like using Disorder for this fight since it lets you seamlessly swap stances while dealing hefty damage.

At around half health, the boss will gain the ability to shift into God House Form. This is a big clear shield that surrounds the house, drastically reducing all incoming physical damage. The catch is after the shield is lowered it will take increased damage to the Pressured meter. When the boss exits God House Form it will gain an elemental affinity, so quickly counter it with a few spells. Use the time when the house is shielded to cast Arcane Wand, heal, or restore your MP points.

As for your Summon, try to time it with the boss getting Staggered. It’s not that Summons aren’t useful otherwise, but the God House Form mitigates a lot of the damage they’d do. Once the boss starts flying around, swap to Aerith and begin pelting it with magic attacks. Cloud is pretty useless here, so have him provide support for Aerith until the boss lands back in the arena.

Keep repeating the process of using the opposing elemental spells when the shield is down and you shouldn’t have any trouble with this boss.


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