Far Cry 6 Amigos Guide – How to Unlock Every Amigo

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Far Cry 6 is the latest installment in this long-running FPS franchise and it has you assuming the role of a guerrilla fighter in the totally fictional country of Cuba Yara. Ruled by the vicious dictator Anton Castillo, players will burn, blast, and blow up the militaristic forces occupying this island. Just like previous games in this series, players will venture to various regions in Yara, taking down specific villains, acquiring new weapons, and fighting alongside the locals in typically zany quests. Just like other entries, players can befriend a variety of animals who will become companions that battle alongside you. Dubbed “Amigos,” these animals suit a variety of different playstyles and roles, however, you’ll need to do some work if you want them all.

(Author’s Note: I won’t be including Champagne and K-9000 since those are tied to purchasing the Vice Pack and Season Pass. I will only be covering the Amigos you can earn in the base game without spending any extra money.)

How to Unlock Every Amigo


Guapo is a vicious crocodile that can absolutely shred through enemies. Capable of self-reviving, Guapo can be quite useful in a fight where you need to manage multiple enemies. Unlike the other Amigos, Guapo is unlocked simply by playing the prologue of Far Cry 6. Once Dani is tasked with finding Juan Cortez, you will gain control of Guapo halfway through this mission. After the quest is finished, you can freely use Guapo whenever you want.

Far Cry 6 Chorizo


Chorizo is found in the Montero Farm in Costa Del Mar. This will be the first region you’re sent to and you won’t actually unlock the Montero Farm until you finish the first mission from Philly. Once you complete the level, you will be led to the Montero Farm which is your first major guerrilla base. While there are a number of story missions available here, we are interested in the “Who’s a Good Boy” quest. You can find this quest by Chorizo’s little area in the camp (shown above) and the mission begins by reading the note.

This quest tasks Dani with making some food for Chorizo which requires some alligator meat. You can typically find these reptiles along rivers near the southern portion of Costa Del Mar. After feeding Chorizo, you’ll unlock a second Chorizo quest which has you running around the camp digging up secrets that this pupper hid. It’s a very short mission and has zero enemies. When the fetch quest is done you will unlock Chorizo as an Amigo.

Far Cry 6 Alvarez Farm


An easily missable amigo, Chicharron is a killer rooster with a punk rock fashion sense. Found in the Sierra Perdida region of Yara, go towards the unnamed Alvarez Farm near the Vacia Coast (shown above). When you arrive, a small cutscene will play introducing you to Chicharron and his owner, Reinaldo. Once the cutscene is over, go speak to Reinaldo to start the Man’s Best Friend sidequest. This mission is fairly simple, as it tasks you with fighting off a hoard of dogs trying to rip Chicharron apart. Put on some anti-animal clothing and make sure to bring a weapon that deals damage against soft targets. You can also shoot the orange targets to make the dogs group up, which is perfect for using dynamite.

Far Cry 6 Chicharron

After you finish Man’s Best Friend, speak to Reinaldo again near the water tower you tagged to get the next quest, “Pecking Order.” All you have to do for this quest is follow the murder bird to the FND base and then destroy all the files in the library while Chicharron kills everything in its path. Upon finishing this mission, speak to Reinaldo a final time to unlock the Wingman quest. You will be fighting a lot of enemies during this mission, so consider switching to armor and weapons better suited for non-stealth engagements. Once you survive the onslaught, a final cutscene will play and Chicharron will become an Amigo you can bring into battle.

Far Cry 6 Boom Boom

Boom Boom

This one is still missable, but thankfully the mission start point isn’t in the middle of nowhere. When you arrive in the Ceinaga Nublada National Park head to where my cursor is above and interact with the exclamation point note on the wall. You’ll learn about a shipment of weapons, along with some strange barking noises the guards overheard. This will give you the Boom or Bust sidequest, which just asks you to find the container with the dog trapped inside it. Go to her designated location and then travel all the way to the back of the search area. You should see a large empty rail house with a blue shipping container. Shoot open the lock to free the dog and complete the quest.

Fans of Far Cry 5 will get a nice surprise about who is waiting inside!


Perhaps the best stealth Amigo in the game, Oluso requires you to find three Triada Relics that are hidden in three different Treasure Hunts. One can be found in each of the primary regions of Yara and are all pretty easy to complete. Given two of them are full of surprises I won’t be spoiling how to complete the Treasure Hunts, but you can find their locations in the photos below.

Madrugada Relic Location

Valle Del Oro Relic Location 

La Moral Relic Location

Once you locate all three of the shrines, head back to the original island the prologue was held on. Go to the cave entrance (shown above) and follow the path until you reach an area with some symbols painted on the floor. Place the relics down in the designated spot to cause the wall in front of you to collapse. Now approach the chest and open it to receive a new Supremo and Resolver weapon. This will also trigger a mini-boss battle where Oluso and some shadows will attack. Defeating them and healing Oluso will add this fearsome feline to your Amigos. If you’re a fan of sneaking around, I strongly recommend using this companion!


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