Fall Guys Season 2 Mini-Game Guide – Every New Mini-Game

It’s time to grab your bean, grab your favorite emote, and dawn your knight costume because Season 2 of Fall Guys is here. Revolving around a medieval theme, this new season is introducing a ton of additional content including skins, banners, modes, and tweaks to the overall game. Of course, the biggest draw for many players will be the four brand new mini-games introduced this season. Taking existing concepts and giving them a medieval twist, these are some of the most entertaining mini-games in the entire game. If you’ve been looking for a reason to hop back into this bean-fueled madness then now’s the time.

Here’s everything you need to know about all the new mini-games in Fall Guys Season 2:

Wall Guys

If you thought relying on people in See Saw was bad, wait till you play Wall Guys. In the mini-game, players will have to shove rolling blocks to form a makeshift staircase so they can scale a large wall. There are three sets of walls, each of which is higher than the next. This creates some chaotic moments where everyone is trying to form a path over the wall before throwing themself at an edge to grab it. You’ll need to largely rely on others because moving the rolling blocks takes a fair amount of time. One tip for surviving this mini-game is don’t always stick with the group. People spend a lot of time trying to climb over one another, so making your own path elsewhere can be a safer way of qualifying.

Knight Fever

This is what Gauntlet mini-games should aspire to be. Knight Fever is a lengthy gauntlet that has players battling their way through a series of hazards. This includes swinging blades, rotating horizontal cylinders with spikes on them, swinging logs, and moving drawbridges. It’s a lot to manage and this mini-game is a little more ruthless than others in this archetype. Navigating these hazards can be difficult the first few times, especially since getting hit by many of them will send you hurtling to your doom. I strongly recommend taking your time during the swinging logs since getting hit almost assuredly will force you to retry this segment.

Egg Siege

It’s Egg Scramble, but with 200% more hazards. Boasting everything from drawbridges to different elevations to swinging blades, there’s a lot more you have to watch out for. This can make the initial moments where everyone is grabbing eggs quite entertaining, as navigating this mini-game can be quite tricky. The “basket” is also easier to escape with stolen eggs, which typically causes more chaos in the center of the map. While it doesn’t solve the problem of two teams ganging up on the third, the alterations make it more far more enjoyable than the original.

Hoopsie Legends

In this mini-game, players will compete to be the first ones to jump through six hoops. Similar to Hoopsie Daisy, rings will descend from the sky which you have to dive or jump through to score. The catch is everyone’s on their own, which can craft some tense moments where people are fighting over one ring. There are also moveable boxes which you’ll need in order to reach the gold rings. When you’re playing this mode, try to create a path to the center of the map, as that’s where a lot of the rings will spawn. Most people tend to stick to the outer edges, so you can collect your rings in the middle with little trouble.