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Every Secret Chest Location in the Duality Dungeon - Destiny 2

May RNGesus bless you

Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted is here, and it’s the spookiest addition yet. With the return of Emperor Calus’ mighty Leviathan, players are tasked with venturing into this massive ship to deduce what has happened to this corrupted vessel. Along with the new Nightmare Containment activity, players can earn new weapons, armor, and cosmetics for your Guardian.

One of the coolest additions is the new Duality dungeon, which has players entering Calus’ mind to try and uncover his secrets. Along with the 12 Repressed Memories, there are also two secret chests in this dungeon. Since you can only craft two of the six guns, these chests are a great way to supplement your loot. Just remember, secret chests will only reward you with items you have already discovered. So if all you’ve gotten is the grenade launcher, that’s the only gun you’ll get out of them.

Additionally, secret chests are not farmable and cannot be opened on repeat playthroughs on the same character in the same week. They can only be opened once by each character, each week. Because of this, if you plan on farming the Duality dungeon a lot it might be better to not open them on your first run through since you will have a far smaller loot pool.

Secret Chest Locations

Secret Chest 1

The first secret chest is located in the large room with all the statues you have to turn. This will be after the first encounter. Before you enter the nightmare realm, look along the outer ring of doors where you entered. You should see one that is half-open with two thin columns in front of it. Inside this room are a bunch of chests, but only one of them can be opened for some loot.

Secret Chest 2

After you complete the second encounter, make your way through the next jumping puzzle until you reach a room with a massive box covered by a white sheet. This box will be in the center of the room, make your way towards it and jump down onto the purple crystal floor. Not only will you find a Repressed Memory, but there will be a small alcove underneath the walkway connecting to the box. At the back of this alcove is the second secret chest. There’s no triumph for opening all the secret chests, but they are definitely worth snagging if you want some extra gear!

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