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Here's Every Safe Code in The Last of Us Part 2

After much anticipation, The Last of Us Part 2 has arrived so it’s time to dive into this harrowing post-apocalyptic world. While it’s possible to beat this game without spending a lot of time scavenging, we strongly recommend you hunt for the different safes scattered throughout the different parts of Seattle. Almost every safe requires you to input three numbers and you can typically find the code somewhere on a piece of paper around the item.

These not only contain useful crafting materials and ammo but key items that can make your journey much easier. There are multiple safes you will come across during your journey, all of which can be opened with either a 2 digit or 3 digit combination. Most codes are found on pieces of paper scattered throughout the world, typically near or around the safe. Thankfully, the codes never change nor do the contents inside the safes, so you can skip the process of finding the notes entirely. However, these typically add some great depth to the world and lore, so consider still seeking them out.

We will not be going into detail about where to find the safes or codes to avoid any spoilers. Most of these safes will have more detailed walkthroughs linked to the title. However, we will list the contents you can find in each one to use as a reference in case you’re missing something.

Every Safe Code

  • Supermarket Safe: 7-20-13
    • Crafting supplies, ammo, and upgrade materials
  • Bank Safe: 60-23-06
    • Crafting supplies and the shotgun
  • West Gate 2 Safe: 04-51
    • Crafting supplies and a Trading Card
  • Donation Center Safe: 55-01-33
  • Crafting supplies and ammo
  • Subway Door: 15243
    • Crafting supplies, ammo, and upgrade materials
  • Auto Repair Shop Safe: 30-82-65
    • Ammo and the Long Gun Holster
  • Apartment Safe: 10-08-83
    • Ammo and upgrade materials
  • Pharmacy Safe: 38-55-23
    • Medit, upgrade materials, and ammo
  • WLF Stash Safe: 70-12-64
    • Crafting supplies and ammo
  • Gun Cache Safe: 17-38-07
    • Ammo and the Hunting Pistol
  • Jasmine Bakery Safe: 68-96-89
    • Meds, ammo, and the Urban Warfare Upgrade Book
  • Ferry Safe: 90-77-01
    • Ammo crafting supplies, and the Ordinance Upgrade Book.
  • Apartment #2 Safe: 30-23-04
    • Crafting supplies and ammo
  • Gym/Spa Safe: 12-18-79
    • Crafting supplies and ammo

For this list, we decided to include the Subway Door code as well since we don’t know at the time of writing this if it’s needed to earn the Safecracker Trophy. All of these safes will be available on New Game Plus and any upgrades you may have missed in them during your first playthrough will be inside them.

We strongly recommend you don’t skip the Auto Repair Shop, Bank, Gun Cache, Jasmine Bakery, and Ferry safes. These all contain key upgrades or weapons that you’ll need for both collecting all the Trophies and giving you a distinct edge in fights. The rest will simply relieve some of the pressure to find ammo and supplies during fights or when you’re trying to sneak by enemies. Safes also are a good indicator of when a battle is coming up since they are almost always in sections where there is no major action set-piece. Use this time to also craft key items or heal!

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