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The Division 2 Level Guide: Tips for Leveling Up Fast

Player levels in The Division 2 can be awfully important. They gate access to certain perks and different areas on the map. Thankfully, you’ve got a lot of different ways to level up at your disposal. And this Division 2 guide should show you the optimal ways to level up fast. Let’s dive right in and see what we can do!

The Division 2 Level Perks

Leveling up in The Division 2 naturally involves a lot of fighting. And, just like in most games, you get a stipend of XP just for killing enemies. But did you know there’s a way to increase the amount of experience you get with nearly every fallen foe? You can!

Specifically, you can snag a set of perks with SHD tech back at headquarters that reward you with more XP for given kinds of kills. Defeating enemies with headshots, by blowing up their weak points, or just surviving for a really long time can all give you bonuses. Just mosey over to your quartermaster at your headquarters (a.k.a. the White House) to purchase the perks.

You should do so right away, too. The sooner you buy the XP perks, the more valuable the passive skills are. Conversely, the longer you wait, the less useful they become. Because sooner or later you’re going to hit the level cap anyway. At which point, the perks become meaningless (until Ubisoft almost inevitably raises the level cap). Might as well get them out of the way and get the maximum benefit just for playing the game!

Side Mission XP Scales to Your Level

Here’s another thing to think about early: side missions award experience based on your current level. Which is to say you get more raw XP the higher your level when you complete one. Which is to further say, save these missions for later.

Main missions don’t share this unique trait with their optional brethren. You can safely knock these out at your leisure (assuming you’re the recommended level). Then, once you’re satisfied that you’ve waited long enough — or that you’ve just expended all available activities for your current level — then you should jump into side missions.

On top of that, don’t start a side mission if you’re just about ready to level up. Remember that there are plenty of repeatable activities around the map, like public events, to push you over the edge. Waiting that extra little bit will score you even more scaled XP.

Donating Supplies

Taking and maintaining control points are both major parts of The Division 2. And that’s for good reason. Not only does capturing a control point making walking the streets of post-apocalyptic D.C. easier, you also get some nifty rewards out of it. Be sure to check those supply rooms!

But there’s more than just loot to be had. Try returning to any control point you previously stole. You’ll find a friendly NPC managing the area… with some special requests. They’ll ask the agent (that’s you) for specific kinds of resources — like food and water. You can hand over said resources (which you can loot from gathering points across the map) for big XP rewards.

The Division 2 Supply Drop

Public Events

Public events in The Division 2 can be awfully interesting. They don’t just appear on your map at all times, like missions and control points. Instead, they only show up as white question marks until you get near enough to them. That way you never know precisely what you’re going to get. One time it might be an attempted public execution. The next, there’s a propaganda broadcast tower in need of hacking.

Public events are are good way to level up in The Division 2 for a couple reasons. First, they often kill two birds with one stone. Many of the settlement projects you need to complete in each area’s… well, settlement require specific public event completions. So completing a public event won’t just net you XP now. It might also set you up to finish a project in the future (which is also worth even more XP).

Stop for Collectibles

ISAC, the player character’s A.I. narrator, can be awfully helpful. He alerts you to nearby friends in need, incoming enemy reinforcements, and basic mission objectives. He also tells you when you’re about to walk past a collectible. When he does, you should listen!

The story blurbs on abandoned cell phones in The Division 2 are… bad. They’re just bad. But, even if you skip the audio logs and their melodramatic messages, you still get an XP bump for grabbing them. You’re bound to find collectible devices on your normal travels anyway. Much like the experience perks, you might as well use these to beef up your level while doing normal activities.

Conflict PVP and the Dark Zone Don’t Give You “Normal” Experience

Ready to try your hand at the competitive multiplayer in The Division 2: those aptly named Dark Zones and Conflict mode? Don’t be. Well, at least wait a little while. Both PVP features in The Division 2 come with their own set of special experience points and levels. They will not give you the same benefits as “normal” levels that you get just by completing missions and events.

They’re definitely worth doing, in their own right, but get your feet wet first. Hitting certain normal level thresholds will unlock special perks — like the ability to get more items from loot boxes. Those are what you should focus on before shooting for other, more esoteric and endgame rewards.

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