Demon’s Souls PS5 Leechmonger Guide – How to Cheese the Boss

There’s a Simple Way to Cheese This Boss Without Getting Hit

“Nope, nope, nope.” Those are probably the words you uttered after seeing the Leechmonger in Demon’s Souls for the first time. This boss is vile. It hurls balls of — you guessed it — leeches at you and is not particularly fun to look at. However, there are a few ways to take this beast down and in this guide, we’ll show you the best methods of defeating the Leechmonger boss.

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Arrow Cheese

The easiest way to take down this boss is to use arrows from afar, much like the way we handled the Armor Spider. As soon as the fight begins, take the left path and drop down onto the platform below, to the left of a narrow plank. Back up enough and you can fire arrows at the boss without even getting hit.

You’ll need to position yourself just right to avoid being attacked with its leeches. If a leechball does hit you, heal up right away and then back up. You back should be touching the wall behind you, where you’ll be able to get pop shots off on the boss’ head.

We also strongly recommend that you come equipped with the Compound Longbow and around 50+ arrows. Remember, the Compound Longbow is located during the first section of 4-1. Use our Demon’s Souls tips and tricks guide here to find its location. You can also mix it up and use magic instead of arrows, but this can be harder to execute due to the positioning. If you’ve got any Firebombs left over, now’s the time to use them.

As long as you remain far back enough, you can completely avoid the Leechmonger’s attacks, making this fight an absolute breeze — as long as you’re okay with cheese. With a strong enough bow, you can take him down with around 35 arrows or so.

Fire! Fire! Fire!

The best method to use if you don’t want to cheese is to attack the boss with fire. Either use Pine Resin on a melee weapon or a weapon that natively is imbued with fire like the Dragon Longsword+1 to take it down. Alternatively, fire magic works wonders and deals devastating damage (looking at you, Firestorm).

Try to circle around and pay attention to its attack animations. While you’re up close, it won’t shoot leeches at you, but it will strike you with its fists. If the boss isn’t swinging in your direction, it’s smart to two-hand your melee weapon to deal higher damage. Otherwise, use your shield to play it safe.

Since the boss is a huge blob of leeches, it’s impossible to tell its front from its back, so stick close, attack as much as you can, and then do your best to either roll away from its attacks, or block them with a sturdy shield. Using this method is, of course, much more dangerous than sitting back and hitting it with arrows, but it’ll serve as a fitting challenge for those who want it.


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