Death Stranding Likes Guide – How To Get The Most Likes

AKA How To Become A Sell-Out In Death Stranding

Much like your favorite social media app, Death Stranding allows you to give and receive Likes for good content and work. Unlike Twitter, however, Likes in Death Stranding provide tangible benefits that will increase Sam Porter Bridge’s capabilities on his journey across America.

Every Like you earn, be it from a fellow player liking a sign to an NPC liking the work you did on an order, contributes towards your overall porter grade. For every 10 levels you increase across each of the five categories, Sam’s abilities will be improved. Each allows him to carry more cargo, improve his balance, and increase his stamina among other upgrades.

So if you want to make the most of Sam and get as many Likes as you possibly can, don’t fret. We’ve got a number of tips that will ensure you become one of the most popular Porters in all of the UCA. Let’s break them down!

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Signs Provide Lots Of Likes For Little Effort

A quick and easy way to get Likes no matter where you are or what you’re doing is to drop down a sign. They range from simple emotes to convey a mood, to instructions or warnings for traversing certain areas. And because it only takes a few seconds to place a sign, they provide an easy way to get Likes if you’re low on resources or time.

Of course, useful signs will always get more Likes than others. When you’re walking up a mountain, signs to mark the easy paths to climb it will do more than a sign placed away from common routes. If you’re notified of nearby BT’s, take a moment before going forward to put up a BT warning sign to let your fellow players know what’s coming. These types of signs are of immense help when you’re navigating the broken world, and they will be appreciated.j

That being said, a prime spot to place a sign is always near cities or outposts, which have high traffic and will usually provide a steady stream of Likes as a result. Sometimes you have to fish for Likes, and there’s no shame in planting down a smiling BB to get them.

Build Useful Structures When You Need Them, And Others Will Follow

Building structures for yourself in the middle of the wilderness is always useful for you, but it’s also a great way to impress other players. If you’re in need of a generator to power your vehicle, chances are someone else will need to make to make use of it at some point as well. Something will always be useful to someone, and even a simple can go a long way to make someone give you Likes. There is a limit to the number of structures you can make in an area, so try to max out your chiral bandwidth when given the opportunity to maximize the amount of Likes you receive.

Some buildings are better than others depending on the area, however. Watchtowers near MULE camps will allow others to scout out the area and find resources, bridges will always be needed over water, and timefall shelters are a godsend in areas with heavy rain. Always tailor what you create to what’s in the area, and the Likes will follow. 

Since you can also gain Likes from others passively using your structures, such as when someone walks over a bridge or recharges a bike near a generator, you’ll be rewarded for their use. Plus, players tend to smash the Like button when something truly helpful comes over the horizon, so don’t be afraid to journey across unknown areas to build up some infrastructure when it’s absent.

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Build As Many Roads As You Can

Related to the previous point is the construction of roads. When you get to Chapter 3 in Death Stranding, you will soon unlock the ability to build roads using the auto-paver system. Because these roads are much safer and easier to traverse than going on the ground, many players will use them over and over again. And since Likes are passively awarded every time someone uses them, these can often be the best source for Likes in the entire game. Roads do cost a lot of resources to make, but you only have to contribute to the project in some small way in order to gain Likes from it once it’s completed.

Make Use Of Strand Contracts

As Death Stranding so often states, deeper connections are better than surface level ones. This extends to Likes, which you can take advantage of by entering into Strand Contracts with other players. Once you’ve upgraded your Bridges Links stat to Level 10, you’ll gain the ability to follow other players via Strand Contracts. By entering into a Strand Contract with someone, you will be more likely to see each other’s lost cargo and structures. This will in turn give you more Likes when they make use of and Like your signs and buildings. Always make sure you have the maximum number of Strand Contracts as a result.

A Good Deliveryman Is A Popular Deliveryman

Likes aren’t solely obtained by your fellow players. NPC’s also reward Likes depending on how good of a job you do when completing orders. Typically NPC’s prefer prompt deliveries, ones where you forged a new path through the wilderness, and will award extra Likes if you bring more than the bare minimum of cargo. What’s more, NPC’s will give you more Likes the stronger your connection is with them, so try to make friends with every outpost you come across.

Aside from normal deliveries, you can elect to turn an order into a premium delivery. This means that in exchange for accepting additional constraints — be that time, cargo condition, etc. — the order will reward more Likes upon completion. To take part in premium deliveries, choose the Select Premium Option when taking on a standard delivery by pressing the thumbstick to the right. If you can get premium deliveries done regularly, you’ll be flooded with Likes.

Take Out MULE Camps For NPC Porters

As you delve deeper into Death Stranding, new NPC porters will start to pop up and make their own deliveries. Much like players, they will also grant you Likes when they use your structures as they travel. However, they are not ones to create new paths; instead, they tend to walk the quickest route between point A and point B. More often than not, these routes have to go around MULE camps.

So take the time to get clear these camps using whatever equipment you have on hand. Once they’re gone, the NPC porters will make use of your structures, granting you even more Likes.


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