Dead by Daylight Pyramid Head Guide – Silent Hill Killer Powers, Perks, Best Add-Ons

If there’s one thing we didn’t expect, it was for Pyramid Head to be the new killer added to Dead by Daylight. The Dead by Daylight Silent Hill DLC officially released on June 16th, and brought both Pyramid Head and Cheryl Mason to an already booming roster of killers and survivors. Since then, Pyramid Head has gone under some changes, so in this guide we’ll be giving you a run-down of Pyramid Head’s power, perks, as well as his best add-ons.

Rites of Judgment – Pyramid Head Power

Like very few killers before him, Pyramid Head’s power can change the environment in drastic ways for the survivor. With his great knife, he can dig trenches into the ground which, when a survivor steps on them, causes them to alert Pyramid Head of their location and gives them the status effect Torment.

  • Trenches from Rites of Judgment will last for 75 seconds.
  • When survivors have the Torment status effect, they are vulnerable to being put in a Cage of Atonement, a power that teleports the survivor to a cage that works in the same way as Dead by Daylight’s hooks.
  • Survivors will leave little barbed wire behind them when they have the Torment status effect. This makes them easier to track.
  • The only way for survivors to get rid of the Torment status effect is to save someone from a Cage of Atonement, or be the person who was saved.
  • Survivors who are on death hook and have the Torment status effect can be killed with Pyramid Head’s special, Final Judgment.
  • You used to be able to see your cages, but it was later patched so that Pyramid Head wouldn’t be able to see where trapped survivors teleported.

Punishment of the Damned – Pyramid Head Special Attack

Pyramid Head also gets a special, ranged attack with Rites of Judgment. This ability is called Punishment of the Damned and when pressing the power button for Rites of Judgment, you’ll be able to send out a straight line of power that can damage a survivor.

  • Punishment of the Damned is most effective when survivors are looping around pallets, or when they are trying to get through windows/doorways.
  • The attack has a hefty cooldown time of 2.75 seconds, regardless if it is a hit or miss.
  • The default range is 8 meters. Add-ons need to be applied to increase the length of the attack.

Dead by Daylight Pyramid Head Perks

Like every killer, Pyramid Head has three special perks which are unlockable through the Bloodweb. After reaching level 30, 35 and 40, Pyramid Head’s perks will become teachable, and will be available on the Bloodweb of other Killers. Here are what Pyramid Head’s perks can do:

Forced Penance

With this perk, survivors who get in the way will suffer the consequences. Those who take a protection hit are inflicted with the Broken status effect for either 40/50/60 seconds, depending on which tier the perk is upgraded to. When broken, survivors will be unable to be healed.

Trail of Torment

Kicking a generator with this perk equipped will grant you the Undetectable status effect, meaning you won’t have a Terror Radius, nor will you have a red stain. This is a perfect perk for sneaking up on survivors, but there is one downside: the generator you kick will be highlighted. Trail of Torment can only be used every 80/70/60 seconds, depending on which tier the perk is upgraded to.


When a survivor heals another survivor of a health state (dying state to injured, injured to healthy) at least 32 metres away from the killer, the survivor performing the healing action will reveal their location by screaming. This activates the perk, which will have the healed survivor suffer from the Oblivious status effect when 16/12/8 meters away from the survivor that healed them. This is great for when you’re left wondering where the survivors have gone if you’ve lost them mid-chase.

Dead by Daylight Pyramid Head Best Add-Ons

The Dead by Daylight Silent Hill DLC includes add-ons that are specific to Pyramid Head. Here we recommend the best add-ons for you to use, below:

  • Burning Man Painting – Increases the range of Pyramid Head’s special attack, Punishment of the Damned.
  • Iridescent Seal of Metatron – Survivors affected by the Torment status effect are revealed for 6 seconds when Pyramid Head sends a survivor to a Cage of Atonement.
  • Lost Memories Book – Survivors affected by the Torment status effect are Oblivious. They will not be able to hear your Terror Radius.
  • Mannequin Foot – Increases the duration of how long the trenches Pyramid Head remains on the map.
  • Scarlet Egg – Increases how long survivors are revealed when they step in your trenches and trigger the Killer’s Instinct status effect.

And with that, that’s everything you need to know about Pyramid Head from the Dead by Daylight Silent Hill DLC. How are you feeling about the newest addition to the Killer roster? Let us know in the comments below!