Dead by Daylight Killers Tier List Guide – All DBD Killers, Ranked

Dead by Daylight currently has 20 killers for players to choose from, with the most recent killer being Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head. With that much variety, picking one out of this bunch is going to be difficult. Each killer has their own set of perks, which can be taught to other killers. However, while their perk builds might be the same, each killer has a unique power that can make them stronger or weaker than others. In comparison to survivors, picking the right killer for you sounds very daunting. But don’t fret, we’ll be addressing just which killers are the best – no matter if you’re new to the game or not – in our Dead by Daylight Killers Tier list.

  • Tier 1 – Very Strong
  • Tier 2 – Strong
  • Tier 3 – Average
  • Tier 4 – Weak

Tier 1 Dead by Daylight Killers

The Spirit

The Spirit is a killer that phases, meaning that she disappears and moves quickly around the map for a short time, before reappearing. Whenever she phases and you’re in her terror radius, you’ll hear a rushing sound to warn you that she’s nearby. Outside of that though, survivors are helpless from knowing where she’s going to end up.

Spirit is one of the most rewarding killers to play once you get the hang of her power. Due to her high mobility thanks to her phasing, she can get across a map faster than most killers. Combined with the many jump scares she provides, players will be jumping from their seats enough that generators will be hard to complete in time.

The Nightmare (Freddy Kreuger)

Freddy Kreuger is the dream demon of your nightmares, and his power is nothing to sniff at. He has high mobility, being able to teleport to generators as long as they are unfinished. That’s on top of his add-ons that can make the teleport faster, or confuse survivors into thinking he is coming to their generator. He can also cut off survivors in a chase using this power, ending it quickly.

Outside of having great mobility, Freddy is incredible at shutting down loops thanks to his other power, Dream Snares. With Dream Snares, when survivors are in the Dream World and run through the snare (a puddle of blood) they scream and get the Hindered status effect, slowing them down for a few moments.

The Nurse

While the Nurse is one of the hardest killers to play in Dead by Daylight, when you finally understand how she works, she’s very rewarding to play.

Unlike Freddy, the Nurse can blink all the time thanks to her power, warping through most solid objects like walls, pallets, and generators. The downside to this is that if you use up the maximum range for her blink, you’ll need to wait two to three seconds before you can use it again. Once you get the hang of her power, loops and pallets are meaningless to you.

The Hag

The Hag is a surprising killer in all aspects of the word and when used right, can be lethal against even the best of survivors. Using her traps – which she never runs out of – the Hag is able to teleport to them once a survivor triggers one, and can hit them for good measure. Because of her short height, you may even find yourself unable to see her before it’s too late.

The only downside of Hag is that her power can be countered with the use of flashlights, burning her traps, but a good Hag player can put down traps at loops, cutting them in half and being able to catch up to survivors with ease.

Tier 2 Dead by Daylight Killers

The Hillbilly

Even with a huge nerf coming Hillbilly’s way, he is still one of the best killers in the game due to his ability to get across the map quickly. This is particularly beneficial on bigger maps, and with the right perks, Hillbilly can know where survivors are at all times.

He is also great in a chase, as Hillbilly’s chainsaw is an instant down if you’re targeted by it. Don’t rev for too long though, as with this new nerf, Hillbilly’s chainsaw can overheat.

The Oni

The Oni’s power is based around finding survivors, slashing at them, collecting their blood, and using it to dash across the map. Because of his speed, he is able to go from generator to generator and if he comes across a survivor he’s usually able to catch up to them and down them in one hit.

The downside of The Oni is that, much like Myers, he has to charge up his power before he can become a force to be reckoned with. But don’t worry, he at least still moves at a regular speed even outside of his power.

The Huntress

The Huntress is a killer whose power lies in her hunting hatchets. With five throwing axes given to her – with the option to get more in lockers – the Huntress is capable of denying windows, pallets and other vaults because the range of her hatchets.

What makes her a Tier 2 killer is that, while her hatchets can be very strong in the right hands, she’s slow and is unable to deny generators in a way that is as efficient as killers like Freddy and Hillbilly.

The Ghostface

The Ghostface is a stealth killer that excels at sneaking up on survivors and catching them off-guard. Like Myers, Ghostface can expose and kill survivors in one hit by stalking them. But unlike Myers, Ghostface stalks far quicker than Myers, is able to crouch to conceal himself, and is able to nearly mask his terror radius and red stains almost entirely thanks to his hero power.

The only downside to Ghostface is that he isn’t very fast, and relies on perks that will slow down or seal off the generators for a short time.

The Deathslinger

Much like the Huntress, the Deathslinger is a ranged killer thanks to his trusty rifle, which makes him very good at denying survivors their typical loops, vaulting, and pallets. However, unlike the Huntress, his range is not nearly as good and on bigger, as well as inside maps, it is difficult to properly control generator progress.

In spite of his height, the Deathslinger has one of the smallest terror radius’ out of the non-stealthy killers. It’s often that you’ll never know which way he is coming, allowing him to get the drop on survivors easily.

The Cannibal (Leatherface)

The Cannibal has received a huge buff that makes him one of the best killers in a chase, pushing him from Tier 3 into Tier 2. His chainsaw now has three charges, letting players sweep the chainsaw three times before going into cooldown. But that’s not all, he moves faster when using his chainsaw, giving him the ability to down all four survivors if they aren’t careful.

The downside to Leatherface is that if you’re unable to follow through in mowing someone down, or bump into an object, you go into a tantrum that can cost you precious time to catch up and kill the survivor.

The Executioner (Pyramid Head)

The Executioner is a slow-moving killer, but is incredibly unique when it comes to map control thanks to his ability to build trenches and give survivors the Torment status effect. He is able to see survivors for a short time when they run through his trenches, and can stop survivors using loops, vaulting, and pallets with his special ability, Punishment of the Damned.

Mobility is where Pyramid Head falters the most due to his slow movements., However, as of now, he is also the only killer that can hook survivors without needing to pick them up (through his cages) and can kill without needing to use a Mori add-on.

Tier 3 Dead by Daylight Killers

The Shape (Michael Myers)

The Shape, aka Michael Myers, is a killer whose power is the evil that he gets when he stalks someone. Unlike this list, Myers has three tiers he can reach. At Tier 1 he is at his worst, with a slow movement speed and a minimal lunge attack. At Tier 3, he moves faster and can down survivors with one hit. Because of this, he requires a lot of preparation in order to chase and kill survivors.

However, what keeps him from falling into Tier 4 is that Myers is, overall, a very fun and versatile killer that makes up for his slow start. With the right add-ons, Myers is one of the scariest killers to face and is able to sneak up on survivors in ways that very few can.

The Doctor

The Doctor is a killer that works best when knowing where survivors are. Thanks to his power, he is able to send out a shock of electricity that causes the survivor to scream and reveal their location. Once the survivor gains the Madness status effect, the Doctor is able to snowball and pick survivors off one by one.

What lets the Doctor down is that he isn’t able to effectively down survivors in the same way higher tier killers like Nurse and Spirit can. He isn’t very sneaky, and requires a lot of patience to use his abilities to their maximum effect.

The Demogorgon

The Demogorgon is a killer that relies on his portals to the Upside Down to get around the map. While on paper it may seem that Demogorgon is a great killer for stopping generators from being finished, his portals are easily sealed off by survivors, forcing him to move around like any other killer.

That said, Demogorgon’s tracking abilities are surprisingly helpful. When survivors are near his portals, he can activate his power to see their aura and – if used in time – can even teleport to the portal and stop them from sealing it, putting survivors in an awkward position.

The Plague

The Plague is a killer that combines preparation and working on the fly in a very odd, but fun way. Her power is vomiting on survivors, infecting them and preventing them from healing outside of using her fountains.

Her add-ons are strong, giving her the opportunity to make her vomit more powerful, or to see the aura of survivors who are vomiting, but that unfortunately makes her very add-on reliant rather than good to use.

Tier 4 Dead by Daylight Killers

The Trapper

The Trapper is a killer that, unfortunately, can only be played a few number of ways in order to be effective. He is heavily reliant on perks that stop survivors from working on generators for at least a minute of game time and only starts with a single bear trap. This means that at least half of your time will be preparing traps and then, trying to find survivors to usher into them.

That said, there are maps and situations where the Trapper works well, such as trapping loops and windows. There’s also long grass, which can hide traps effectively and prevent survivors from escaping.

The Legion

The Legion is considered more of an annoying killer than a viable one to use. Their power lets them run faster, and when hitting a survivor, other nearby survivors will flash and reveal their locations to you. Survivors will then have to waste time in mending themselves, or they’ll end up being put in the dying state.

What makes Legion annoying rather than useful, is that when in their power, scratch marks disappear – making tracking a survivor rely solely on sight – and has an exhaustion period that causes the screen to darken. All of these setbacks make Legion one of the hardest killers to get four kills with.

The Wraith

Despite being a stealth killer, The Wraith is incredibly add-on dependent and unlike Ghostface or Myers, doesn’t have the ability to down a survivor in one hit, and with his wailing bell, survivors are able to hear him before they see him. This makes him incredibly easy to outplay, especially as he has no way to cut off vaults and loops.

However, the Wraith does have some positives. When he is in stealth mode, he moves a lot faster and can potentially block off windows and entrances by standing in front of them.

The Clown

The Clown is a killer that is underwhelming in every sense of the word. He lacks a lot of things – speed, putting pressure on generators and overall, a pretty poor map control when going against good survivors who know his tricks. His power is to throw gas bottles, slowing survivors down or, dependent on add-ons, downing them in one hit.

Again, like most killers in Tier 4, the Clown is add-on reliant and doesn’t have much that can stop survivors. That said, his bottles are useful for ending chases and with a recent buff, he doesn’t get slowed while preparing them to throw at you.

The Pig

Another stealth killer, the Pig’s power is to put reversed bear traps on your head, forcing survivors to go to Jigsaw Boxes and get them off their head. This can slow the game down, but ultimately it relies on chance and luck for survivors to get their trap off straight away, or at the very last Jigsaw Box. This makes the Pig a difficult killer to play, as her success relies on traps to give her enough time to stop generators and catch survivors.

Like all killers, she does have some positives. She is able to crouch and stealth across the map, giving her zero terror radius and getting the jump on survivors when they are on generators.


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