Pokemon Crown Tundra Footprints & Keldeo Guide: Iron Will, Grassland, and Cavern Footsteps

Three Legendary Pokemon (and one Mythical) are locked behind a Sonia sidequest in Pokemon Sword & Shield: Crown Tundra, which has you tracking down the footstep locations of creatures that like a spot of solitude. We’re, of course, talking about the Grassland Pokemon, the Iron Will Pokemon, and the Cavern Pokemon – that’s Virizion, Cobalion, and Terrakion respectively. Unlucky for them, the peace of quiet of the previously barren southern stretch of Galar is no match for roughly 4 million giddy Pokemon trainers. Here’s how to find the footsteps, the Pokemon, and how to use a random pot on the island to unlock their adopted kid Keldeo.

Finding the first three Pokemon takes a bit of work. Without the full set of footprints your respective Pokemon won’t show up at their usual hiding spot. You need to hit 100 percent progress (50 footprints) on each set to unlock the relative encounter. There are more footprints than you need, and they respawn slowly over time. If you’re having trouble tracking enough down, it might be worth going back to earlier locations to retrace your steps. Once reported, the Pokemon pop up like any other when you get close, so don’t expect to spot one from a distance. Mess up, and they’ll respawn. The battles use the regular encounter music rather than the trio’s fantastic “Battle!” track from previous generations, though, diluting the experience somewhat.

Crown Tundra Virizion footsteps location

How to Find Grassland Pokemon Footsteps and Catch Virizion

The Grassland Pokemon is the suitably green Virizion. To find it, you’ll have to traipse through the following locations:

  • Giant’s Bed
  • Old Cemetery
  • Frostpoint Field

Virizion’s footprints can blend in with some of the surroundings. You’ll often find these closer to vegetation and foliage, so keep an eye on shrubs, bushes, and little pockets of greenery around broken brick walls and other structures.

Once you’ve hit 100 percent Progress, report back to Sonia and you’ll learn where to find Virizion. Its spawn spot is within Giant’s Bed on a stretch of road right by Old Cemetery.

Crown Tundra Cobalion footsteps location

How to Find the Iron Will Pokemon Footsteps and catch Cobalion

Cobalion is probably the most popular of the three, making it the first many will go after despite its footsteps being fairly deep into the Crown Tundra. Iron Will footsteps are what you’ll be looking out for to spawn this creature. Here’s where you’ll find them:

  • Frigid Sea
  • Roaring-Sea Caves
  • Three-Point Pass

Unlike the rest, Cobalion’s bright steps stand out against their backdrop, making them easier to find than the other two legendary Pokemon. Some of the areas can be difficult to find and reach, though, so you might want to focus on the others to gain a solid lay of the land before going on the hunt for Cobalion.

Once you’ve found 50 footsteps and hit 100 percent research, head back to Sonia to learn where to find Cobalion. You’ll find it back on the island in the middle of the Frigid Sea. Just fly back to Three-Point Pass and you’ll be close.

Crown Tundra Terrakion footsteps location

How to Find the Cavern Pokemon Footsteps and catch Terrakion

The low to the ground Terrakion has stomped its feet around three set locations. Make your way through the following to find them:

  • Lakeside Cave
  • Dyna Tree Hill
  • Ballimere Lake

Terrakion’s footsteps are a darker color which should make them relatively easy to spot against the green grass of the latter two zones. You’ll find them in clusters against the sides of the pathways you travel along, with some even going up and down the ramps into the waters of the lake. Hug the edges and you should have no trouble finding them.

Once you’ve collected 50 and hit 100 percent progress, head back to Sonia at a house in Freezington and she’ll let you know of Terrakion’s position – Lakeside Cave. You’ll find it in the corner behind the first ramp in there.

Crown Tundra Keldeo island pot location

Where to Find the Island Pot And Catch Keldeo

One surprise of the Crown Tundra DLC is Keldeo, a rare Mythical Pokemon you can actually legitimately encounter, unlike the falsely reported Victini.

Lore-wise, Keldeo is the newer fourth member of the Swords of Justice previously composed of Cobalion, Virizion, and Terrakion, making it only fair that it gets another chance to shine with its squad.

Sonia won’t directly mention Keldeo’s existence, but her Yamper will clue you in on it once you’ve caught the other three beasts. It doesn’t have a full set of footprints to follow.

To get Keldeo, all you need to do is take Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion to the curry pot behind a tree on an island within on the moat surrounding the Dyna Tree. Set up camp, make a curry, and the Keldeo will show up in its Resolute Forme.