Cozy Grove Guide: How To Get The Accordion for Fast Harvesting

Here’s how to find the magical accordion item from the autumn update, allowing the most efficient harvesting in the game!

As part of the massive autumn update for Cozy Grove, developer Spry Fox has gifted players with potentially the biggest quality-of-life improvement since the ability to feed pets from your base inventory. As of today, Mr. Kit is selling a magical accordion, an item that lets you harvest a huge area of trees, bushes, flowers (really, anything that grows and grows back) simply by playing it in the vicinity.

It’s simple to find: once you have the autumn update installed, go see Mr. Kit. Among other niceties (such as the brand new camera! And some interior decorating items!), you’ll find the accordion for 175,000 old coins. My advice would be to grab this at your earliest possible convenience, because it has already changed my life in-game. 

For reference, I’m playing the Switch version, so all my screens are from that.

Once you have the accordion, you can go to any bunch of crops and select it in your inventory. Hit the “play” command and you’ll play a cute little tune (and your crops will dance a bit), then the whole AOE will let the fruit (or flowers, or nuts!) fly. You’ll also often get a little bonus woodpile, which affords some tasty extras (simply search it to open up the pile’s inventory and stash in your backpack, per usual). It’s by far the most efficient way to harvest an area of your island.

cozy grove accordion flowers

Here I am above, jamming out and harvesting some gorgeous blossoms.

It’s only been one day of “playing the song of the harvest,” as the tooltip reads, but it’s been a godsend. I have a lot of crops in my game: rows and circles of trees, columns of bushes, floral arrangements all over the place. Going through each row one by one was a bit of a time investment, and while I play Cozy Grove to be chill and enjoy a game with a gentle pace, that aspect was perhaps a bit too relaxed. This is cute, works in-fiction, and adds some serious ease of use to the harvesting and crafting gameplay.

The autumn update also came along with a bunch of new recipes (and new crafting materials!), so all of it works within the Cozy Grove ecosystem. There are cats to beckon, Halloween critters, costumes, and events in the near future, and pictures to take with the new camera. I’ve gone ahead and ordered my first spectral pet rabbits, which promise their own new form of essence. There are plenty of smaller updates that just help with ease of use, like a grid system for placing decorations (both inside and out), and clearer tooltip text on the skipping stones.

We also took a look at the brand new interior decorating feature today, with a few helpful tips there as well.

You can check out all of the features of the autumn update on the game’s site, and stay tuned for more guides and coverage!

Disclaimer: Kris Lorischild and I worked together at, the forerunner to They are a writer on the game.


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