Cozy Grove Halloween Guide: How to Trick or Treat, get Costumes, and Catch Spooky Critters

Cozy Grove’s huge autumn update now includes all the Halloween content, including costumes, Trick or treating, candy, spooky critters and special decorations.

While Cozy Grove’s big autumn update landed earlier in the month (and we wrote some handy guides, if you need them), the Halloween content just dropped this Wednesday. Included is a whole slew of spooky stuff: costumes, new (and extremely cute) decorations and crafting items, a full on trick-or-treat feature that you can try with all the bears on your island, Halloween-themed Spooky Critters, and a whole new storefront to play with.

Here’s how to start the spooky celebrations. The central character for Halloween, Ms. Carouse, appears on the beach, near Pandam’s usual haunt. First, she’ll ask you to dress up for the occasion (you can buy wardrobe items from Mr. Kit if you are running low, and she has her own clothing/costume store with about four items each day.)

When you come back appropriately festive, the trick or treat feature will be enabled. You can also buy decorations and craft items: but you’ll need to do some trick-or-treating to get candy and spooky rotten eggs (two new crafting supplies designed for the event) before those are terribly useful.

cozy grove halloween ms carouse

Trick or treating

Trick or treating is easy and fun: you’ll just go (in costume!) to each of your bear friends around the island, once you’ve completed Ms. Carouse’s tiny costume quest. They’ll all have some cute Halloween-y dialogue for you, and give you some candy or spooky rotten eggs (or apples, in a cute nod to the “healthy” Halloween treats that some folks prefer!)

cozy grove halloween trick or treat dialogue

Go ahead and go to each bear to ensure you get the max rewards. You can also find some candy in stick piles.

You can combine your new loot to craft decorations in her shop, or buy rad things. You’ll want to craft a Spooky Critter Scroll for sure if you’d like to start catching Halloween Critters (which, in turn, are used for crafting as well!)

Summoning Halloween Critters

The creepy crawlies don’t just appear: no, you need to summon them! But thankfully, after a successful trick or treat session, it’s easy. Go to Ms. Carouse’s crafting menu and trade ten spooky rotten eggs (you’ll get them from your bear friends) for a Spooky Critter Scroll. This is a single use item (just select it in your inventory and hit the “use” command) that will call upon the forces of… whatever and get the Halloween Critters to come out and crawl, fly and fritz around the island for 20-30 minutes. Just catch them with your net as you would any critter. 

It behooves you to go on your bug hunt right away, as the scroll’s effects wear off after a short time (20-30 minutes was the figure I saw the most in the game’s discord). You can trade new critters in for Captain Snout’s collection for hefty prizes (lots of quartz!), and use them to craft decorations (like the various jack o lanterns and other seasonal lamps) in Carouse’s crafting menu. 

They are also extremely cute little buddies. They behave exactly like the types you’ve probably already seen: with the same general movement patterns and behaviors.

cozy grove halloween critters

Enjoy the season! Tis’ the actual most wonderful time of the year, after all. 

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As usual with our Cozy Grove coverage, I’ll offer a disclaimer: I worked with one of the game’s writers, Kris Lorischild, on, fanbyte’s predecessor website.