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How to Find Eggs in Cozy Grove

So many Cozy Grove quests and recipes depend on eggs. Here’s how to find them and get dozens saved up.

Eggs are an important resource in Cozy Grove: so much so that there’s a traveling merchant character who actually stops by your island once a week, peddling eggs and rare decorative wares. Eggs are a crucial ingredient in a host of recipes, some of which are essential early-game foods (such as the Tea Egg Captain Billweather Snout needs early on), salads like the Cob Salad and Savory Salad, and the famed Deviled Egg. Here’s how to find these precious items, and stock up when possible.

cozy grove deviled egg


One of the best sources of eggs is the egg-bearer themself, who shows up on my Island on Wednesdays to sell eggs and a few other resources, including decorations of varying rarity. They’re a reliable source, and a great place to go and stock up each week, as he often sells in what counts as “bulk” in this game. But there will inevitably be non-Wednesday days when you’ve got to get eggs in your backpack, which leads us to the next point.

Mr. Kit

Mr Kit will sell eggs (one per day) once you get the first upgrade to the store. That will do in a pinch, if you just need one egg to complete a recipe.

Your Best Bird-Friends

Here’s where you’ll need to do a little legwork to get that egg-work (no?). You can adopt spirit birds as pets, and happy spirit birds frequently release an egg alongside the essence they are expressly there to farm. But getting your bird to be happy (at the three heart happiness level, especially!) takes some trial and error. Each bird has likes and dislikes, and most decorations and harvestable plants all have tags. You need to put decorations or plants that your birds will like near them, and keep them away from items they dislike.

You will also need to feed them a food they are craving: don’t worry about guessing, they’ll have a little thought-bubble displaying what they want. Craft that, feed your bird the item, and viola! You’ll get extra essence and eggs. On top of that, birds will level up, and offer more resources as they mature.

cozy grove egg inventory

You can look at this (potentially spoiler-y) incredible, community-sourced spreadsheet from the Cozy Grove Discord for all the details and breakdown for pets. (Thank you to user 50shadesofJae for curating!)

Naturally, your birds will want different things at different times, and it can take some doing to rustle up the resources to build decorations that suit their tastes and the foods they desire. But it behooves you to keep the pets (and keep them happy) as it’s the best way to farm essence — and the extra eggs don’t hurt either.

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